48hours.com Crime Scene Photos 2022

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48hours.com Crime Scene Photos

Before starting discussing 48hours.com crime scene photos, let me tell you that 48 hours is a youtube channel that tells about crime scenes.

If you are someone who is interested in knowing about crime incidents with visuals, this channel is your go-to go thing.

Now, let me tell you about one crime incident whose detective told 48 hours that the incident still haunts him. 

Karen Ermert, a 19-year-old girl, was moving on after her breakup with Mark Willey, her long-time partner.

But she was murdered. Why? Who murdered her? Do you want to see the 48hours.com crime scene photos? If so, be with me through this article and get all the details. 

Mark Willey, a 19-year-old boy, met Ermert during high school. He started to control Karen and became abusive towards her, and that’s why she decided to end their relationship.

But Mark wasn’t ready to take this breakup, and on 27th December, he drove to Karen’s apartment. 

When he moved there, he was angry. He was armed with a .22 calibre rifle and also carrying a bottle of whiskey. 

He reached around 2 am. and confronted Ermert in her apartment. The confrontation didn’t go well, and a heated argument ensued. After this, Willey grabbed his rifle and shot Karen several times. After killing her, he shot himself in the forehead. 

But he didn’t die instantly, so he was admitted to a nearby hospital. His brain was dead, but his heart was still pounding. His heart was also used in the Washington area’s first heart transplant. 

This is about one incident. One detective from this scene also told “48 hours that Ermert’s murder still haunts him even after 33 years.” 

For more information about crime scenes and stories, you can visit the “48 hours” channel on youtube. There you can easily find various episodes regarding one crime scene.

And to view 48hours.com crime scene photos too, you don’t have to visit google or any other platform; their youtube channel is enough for the same.

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