Abcnews Com Jif Recall?

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Just in, ABC News is issuing a recall for Jif peanut butter! Consumers who have the product in their homes are urged to return it to the store where they bought it for a full refund. The peanut butter was found to be contaminated with potentially deadly salmonella bacteria.

What is the Jif recall?

Jif is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich filling made by the food company Jif-O-Matic. As of January 8, 2019, Jif products are being recalled because they may contain pieces of glass. If you have any of these products, do not eat them, and contact Jif-O-Matic for a refund.

What are the symptoms of a Jif recall?

If you have any Jif products in your possession, be sure to check the labels. Jif recalled products may have a “Best if Used By” date of November 2, 2020. If you have any of these products, don’t eat them and don’t give them to others. There have been no reported injuries related to this recall.

Abcnews com jif recall

How to avoid getting a Jif recall in the first place

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably eaten Jif peanut butter at some point. But if you’re like many others, you may not know that Jif is being recalled because of a food poisoning risk. Jif is one of several peanut butters being recalled because they may contain high levels of Salmonella. This is especially risky for people with compromised immune systems or those who are pregnant. If you’ve had any of these products in the past two months, don’t eat them and don’t let your children eat them either. Instead, throw them away and get a refund from the store where you bought them.

What to do if you have already received a Jif recall notification

If you have already received a Jif recall notification, the first thing to do is to check the ingredients list on your product. If there are any ingredients that you are concerned about, you can either contact Jif or throw out the product.


If you own a package of abcnews com jif peanut butter, do not eat it. Jif has issued a voluntary recall of the product because it may contain salmonella. If you have the product, do not eat it and throw it away. Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in people who are infected with it.

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