Alex Wubbels Update 2022

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Alex Wubbels Update
Alex Wubbels Update

Alex Wubbels, the former nurse who was arrested for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient, has settled her lawsuit with the University of Utah and Salt Lake City for $500,000. The settlement comes two years after the incident, which made national headlines and sparked a debate about police use of force. Wubbels will donate $250,000 of the settlement to the Committee to Protect Journalists, according to her lawyer. The other $250,000 will go into a trust for her young son. “This resolution is a step in the right direction for justice and accountability,” Wubbels said in a statement released by her lawyers. “But it cannot take away what happened to me or how that night changed my life.”

Who is Alex Wubbels?

Alex Wubbels is a registered nurse and the charge nurse of the burn unit at the University of Utah Hospital. On July 26, she was arrested by Detective Jeff Payne after she refused to allow him to draw blood from an unconscious patient.

Wubbels was following hospital policy, which requires either a warrant or the patient’s consent before performing a blood draw. The patient, who had been in a horrific car accident, was not accused of any crime and could not give consent.

Despite Wubbels’s pleas that she was just doing her job, Payne handcuffed her and forcibly removed her from the hospital. She was later released without charges.

The incident was captured on hospital security cameras and caused outrage when the footage was made public. Wubbels said she decided to release the footage to show the public how law enforcement officers are treating nurses.

Alex Wubbels Update 2022

It has been almost five years since Alex Wubbels was dragged out of University Hospital in Salt Lake City by Detective Jeff Payne. The incident made national headlines and put a spotlight on the issue of police violence.

Wubbels has since become an outspoken advocate for police reform, and she continues to work toward that goal. In September 2020, she testified before the United States Congress about the need for changes to policing.

In February 2021, Wubbels settled a lawsuit against the city of Salt Lake City for $500,000. The settlement will go toward her legal fees and the establishment of the “Alex Wubbels Foundation for Change,” which will work to “create lasting change in policing through education and training.”

Looking ahead, Wubbels plans to continue her work with the foundation and to continue speaking out about police reform. She is hopeful that the changes she is striving for will be made in the coming years.

What has Alex Wubbels been up to lately?

Alex Wubbels Update, a former nurse who made headlines after she was arrested for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient, has been keeping busy since the incident. She has given multiple interviews about what happened, spoken out against the police officer who arrested her, and met with Utah lawmakers to discuss changing the state’s law on blood draws. She has also started a foundation in her own name to help support nurses and other medical professionals who find themselves in similar situations.

Where is Alex Wubbels going in her career?

Alex Wubbels is a registered nurse and former burn unit nurse who made headlines in 2017 when she was arrested for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient. The incident sparked a national conversation about the rights of healthcare workers and the use of force by law enforcement.

Since the incident, Wubbels has become an advocate for nurses and other healthcare workers. She has spoken out about the need for better training and policies to protect workers from violence and has testified before Congress on the issue.

Wubbels is also working on a book about her experience, which she says will be part of her larger mission to help others navigate difficult situations.

“I think that if my story can help somebody through their own journey, then that’s really what I want it to do,” she told NPR in an interview earlier this year.

What can we expect from Alex Wubbels in the future?

We can expect great things from Alex Wubbels in the future. She is a strong, determined young woman who has already accomplished so much. After her courageous stand against the police officers who wrongly arrested her, she has become an advocate for nurses’ rights and patient care. She is a powerful speaker and is passionate about making a difference. We can expect her to continue to be a powerful voice for nurses and patients everywhere.

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