Anthony Templet (2022) All You Need To Know!

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on 9 August on Netflix, a new three-part docuseries was released, titled “I just killed my dad.Anthony Templet was a boy around 17 years old.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, he killed his father. Like the series title, these series present a riveting, real crime story that explodes the disturbing event that led the adolescent to kill his father.

In the series, the viewer explores the intellect and attempt of the boy, Anthony, and the incidents that lead to his father’s murder.

The scariest thing about that boy is that he is like a blank slate, someone says in the teaser. No one knows about it that if he has sympathy or not. But there is a more exciting thing in the story apart from guns, dead fathers, teens, etc.

Describe more information regarding the character of Anthony Templet

In the series, Anthony is a 17-year-old teenager staying in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. More than three years ago, he killed his father and shared his experience with the maker of I kill my dad.

Anthony Templet
Anthony Templet

What did anthony temple do?

According to local news station WAFB9, anthony joseph templet shot and killed his father, who is 53 years old, Brut templet, on 3 June 2019. Brut passed a rare day after the shooting. And he admitted his offense over the phone with the 911 operator.

‘Anthony told that- he attempts to the offensive on me. Then we fetched into a fight. Then I rushed into his room, sealed the door and brought a pistol.

And later, he also stated that when I unclosed the gate, he attempted to hurt me, and I shot him; I just killed my dad and hit him three times with a gun. Anthony told this statement to the 911 operator, according to the documentary. The citation for the doc title was an oversight.

Anthony told officers that things sharpened during Anthony’s phone argument. Burt tried through the phone to see Anthony had been in contact with Brutt’s ex-wife, Susan template, per WAFB 9. Anthony said that his father was intoxicated at the time and tried to beat him before he Ren to his room and pulled out a gun.

The news station declared that Anthony shot his father two times before calling the police; he said that he shot the gun 3 times and tried to shoot his father in his skull, per WAFB 9.

What punishment did Anthony obtain?

Anthony was captured After killing his father, although he said he eradicated him in self-defense. But in the documentary, he says that he faced several years of abuse from his father and told the officer that his father used to beat him for hours, manage his actions and even observe him.

Cameras were also installed around his house to keep them safe. According to Esquire, Burt even failed to send Anthony to school.

Brut’s ex-wife also cleaved that he was abused and head filed an injection for protection before the shooting (usually in domestic violence) per WAFB9.

Some people have doubts. He said that his father physically assaulted him. I did not see any injury marks on it; this statement was given by the law enforcement officer in the teaser.

The documentary also states that when police arrived at the scene, there was no sign of physical struggle or evidence Anthony shot his father in self-defense.

Anthony’s step sister claims she was kidnapped

Anthony’s stepsister Natasha later said she was abducted when she was 5. The documentary explains that while watching the news after that shooting, she realized that the mug shot was actually of her long-lost brother.

According to Bustle, his stepsister claims that Brut kidnapped Anthony while they were living in Texas, and they have examined him for over a decade.

What was Anthony blamed for?

The documentary and local news platform state that he was initially blamed for a second-degree slaying, decreasing to a manslaughter accusation.

In January 2021, Anthony’s advocate Jarrett Ambeau struck a settlement with East Baton Rouge district advocate Hiller Moore and assistant DA Dana Cummings, resulting in zero gill time for Anthony, according to USA Today.

Define reckless murder

WAFB9 reports that in 2021, Anthony vowed to be no match for the negligent manslaughter in his father’s death. He was dismissed and punished to 5 years of supervised probation, at which period he had already performed.

Frequently asked questions

In the series, who is Natasha?

Natasha is her stepsister of Anthony.

What did Anthony do?

Anthony was accused because he killed his father.


On 9 August, another new series was coming on Netflix ‘I just killed my dad.’ It is a true crime story In which a son kills his father because his father abused him. And due to it, he got arrested.

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