2022 Audio6.mdundo.com (Music) Get Detailed Information!

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Audio6.mdundo.com comes on the list of one of the leading music services in Africa. And also, mdundo music 2022 is succeeding in creating an agreement with the universal music group, the world’s leader in music-based entertainment, to license the service in the critical African region.

In other words, www.mdundo.com mp3 is a music service that helps provide Africa with simple and affordable music access.

According to the information released by PWC, 45% of the 300 million smartphone users in Africa in 2017 listened to music on their phones every month. And with the help of mdundo, the client can effortlessly download or stream music.

Moreover, they do not charge for utilizing their services, and users can use their services on iOS and Android.

More information regarding Audio6.mdundo.com

The Audio6.mdundo.com website was founded on 2012, and the headquarter of this website is located in Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.


About mdundo for fans-

Mdundo is the African music service provider website. And they provide millions of songs from Africans and overseas for free download and streaming directly from the mdundo website and Android in applications like the newest released DJ mix, music news, podcasts, playlists, etc.

About Mdundo for artists

Mdundo works with over 62,000 actors and actresses from across Africa, as well as the sum of the world’s top record labels.

Their artist service focuses on transparency, fair compensation, and flexibility. The revenue generated through this website is distributed equally to the content owners.

About Mdundo for brands

All people love music because listening to music releases all the stress from your body; because of this reason, they believe that music is the most powerful way to interact with people on and emotional scale.

Mdundo has the opportunity to provide antique and cultural-related approaches to brand marketing. So even though your brand wants to change perception, reach a new generation, derive sales, or build loyalty, this mdundo will help its users create a mark on the cultural landscape in a genuine and significant way.

Overview Details

Name of the Websitemdundo.com
Available ForAndroid, iOS & PC
Article ForAudio6.mdundo.com (Music) Get Detailed Information!

Impact on Audio6.mdundo.com on other countries

Mdundo’s growth has primarily been achieved in Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, etc. MTN and Airtel Nigeria have a joint customer base of approximately 125 million, while Vodacom Tanzania has around 16 million subscribers, which helps the Audio6.mdundo.com reach this level.

Mdundo users listen to music with the help of USSD services on a bundle program that is conducted daily, weekly, or monthly.

In addition, the user can use their streaming services with the help of its website or application, which has more than 1.2 million.

Until December 2021, mdundo had 2 million international songs on the platform and 368 000 tracks uploaded by 125,000 African musicians, increasing 50% points from December 2020. The company pays more than 54% of its income to music producers.

Information regarding mdundo services

Although it is free to access this website for the advanced feature, the subscriber has to pay tsh 100 daily. If the user finds any problem assessing features on this website, anyone can quickly contact them on the [email protected] website.

Role of Audio6.mdundo.com website across Africa-

Over Africa, more than 20 streaming services are delivered by the Audio6.mdundo.com, like Sweden’s Spotify, which is in 44 African nations after growing to 38 countries across the continent the previous year.

Boomplay, headquartered in Nigeria, and Tsonga bike Kenya-based Telecom Safari com are other popular streaming products. Although, Nielsen is not thinking about the contest from upcoming Market entrants, conveying that he is further annoyed by the prevalence of song piracy in Africa than anything else.

In 2020 it shared with anti-piracy specialist audio to terminate infringing links from African harmony from unlicensed and illegal websites.

Mdundo still catches the biggest contest by delivering the service: the unlawful consumption of melody across the continent. It is still where most people across Africa, unfortunately, get their music, and they came to deliver a great alternative to this.


From where the headquarter of mdundo is situated?

The headquarter of mdundo is present in Nairobi, Kenya.

Who are the investors of Mdundo?

Mdundo has two investors they are Peter Sandberg and 88mph. Ac.


Audio6.mdundo.com is one of the best music service provider websites in Africa. If the user has any problem assessing this website, he may contact them quickly, and this website is entirely secure to use or listen to music.

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