Big Reveal: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Release Date

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Are you wondering when‍ the long-awaited ⁤Call of​ Duty: Modern Warfare⁢ 3 season ⁣1 is going to​ be‍ released? If you’re a fan ⁣of the series,⁣ you’re no doubt anxious to get your hands on the new season.⁢ Well, we’re ⁣here to tell⁢ you all ​the details about⁤ the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare⁤ 3⁢ season 1 release date!

The⁤ latest season of‌ Call Of ‍Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is‌ finally here​ and as with any⁤ arrival‌ of new content, players are⁣ eager to​ find out the release ⁢date‍ of ⁤the season. Here is everything you need to know to⁤ stay up to date ⁤with the game.

  • The season ‍1 launch ‍date for⁣ the Modern Warfare⁣ 3​ will be April 11, 2021.
  • It will be available on Xbox One, PS4,⁤ and PC.

The new⁤ season ‌brings a variety‌ of ‌new content such ‌as maps,‌ weapons, ‍and more. Players will⁣ be able to purchase the‍ Battle Pass ⁤which unlocks some​ new equipment and various customization options. Additionally, ​players have the‍ option to purchase the Battle⁢ Pass​ bundle which will give‍ them even more content than‌ the⁢ regular Battle Pass.

That’s ‌everything you need to‍ know about the upcoming release of the⁢ Call of ⁣Duty Modern ⁤Warfare 3 ​Season ​1!⁢ So mark ‍your calendars, set your alarms,​ and ⁢be‍ ready for Call‍ of ⁣Duty⁤ MW 3 Season​ 1 on October 25.‌ Get ready for⁢ some serious gaming!
Big Reveal: Call of Duty⁣ Modern Warfare ‍3 ‌Season 1 Release‌ Date

The much-anticipated release date for the first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been revealed. Activision and Infinity Ward announced in a statement that the first season of the new installment of the wildly popular Call of Duty series will begin on January 24th.

The first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) will be called ‘Resistance’ and will include 5 new ‘game modes’ and 20 new ‘maps’ that will offer a more dynamic and immersive game experience for fans. Among the content being released, the season will include the highly anticipated Survival Mode, where players face off against waves of enemies with an ever increasing difficulty.

The ‘Special Ops Survival Mode’ builds on the Infinity Ward engine and is said to be “a grueling experience, in which players must battle past endless waves of enemies to survive as long as they can, while building their own arsenal of weapons, air support, and equipment.” The player will work through 15 levels, as each one increases in difficulty. Furthermore, there will be the addition of the highly anticipated ‘Kill Confirmed’ mode which will add an interesting twist to the existing game play.

The ‘Resistance’ season will also include 20 additional maps that will add a “new variety and flavour” of game experience. Among them, there will be new locales such as Paris in the centerpiece of Domination Mode; African warfare in the new Turbine map; a Pasture of the Berlin Wall in Drop Zone Mode; and a Chinese Garden in the new Cargo map.

In anticipation of the release, Activision has also announced that the Hardened Edition of MW3 will include the first and second season of all DLC content, a limited edition art book, a collection of character avatar items for Xbox Live, and two additional customizable emblems exclusive to the Hardened Edition.

The excitement for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is palpable, and yields enormous expectations for the first season of the game. With 20 new maps and 5 new game modes, ‘Resistance’ promises to deliver an all new gaming experience come January 24th.

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