Boludle (April 2022) Everything You Need To Know!

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Boludle: Games are one of the best options to entertain ourselves or get relaxed. There are different types of games that are quite exciting and sharpen our brains.

We all have heard and even played puzzles online many times, and so to bring something new, developers are trying hard to get variations. For example, Quordle is one of the variations of Wordle where players need to guess 4 different words simultaneously.

So, if you are willing to explore a new form of Wordle, try out Boludle. But, first, let’s check more about the game and why you must play it.

What is Boludle?

The game’s name makes it clear that you need to guess 4 different words to win the game. It is the variation of Wordle where 4 secret words are to be guessed only within 9 attempts.


Yes, you heard it right; there are only 9 attempts to get all four words, making the game quite challenging. In addition, the letters you enter go in all four grids simultaneously, so it needs to do multi-task.

The multi-tasking makes the game quite hard. For example, if you can get one word in 3 to 4 tries, there are just 5 attempts for the rest of the words. So, everything must go in sync to solve the puzzle within limited attempts.

Steps to play Boludle

If you are bored playing Wordle and looking for something new and exciting, Boludle is the best option. Follow the below-given steps to play the game:

  • Go to Boludle and select daily or practice mode.
  • Start entering alphabets, and lastly, press enter.
  • If the letter becomes green, it means the alphabet is correct, but if it is yellow, you need to try the same alphabet in some other position. If there is no change in the color, it means these alphabets are not present in the word.
  • Try to think simultaneously for all the words as there are only 9 tries to solve it.
  • Once you get it resolved, there is an option to share it on social media platforms.

What is daily and practice mode?

People who have already played Wordle will also find Boludle a difficult task. So, the game has come up with two different modes, which are as follows:

  • Practice Mode: One can play as many games as possible and get hands-on techniques to solve the puzzle. It is for beginners as playing more will help understand the game’s algorithm.
  • Daily Mode: A new puzzle is uploaded daily and if you are confident enough, try it out. Once the puzzle is solved, wait for 24 hours to get the latest puzzle.


What is a donation in Boludle?

Players who are impressed by the game and willing to show a thank you gesture to the developer can donate $ 5. They can also write a sweet message or some feedback that would be appreciated.

Can you play the previous Boludle?

If you have missed the Boludle of a particular date, change the system date and get access to it. So, don’t miss the chance of playing the game daily, and even if it happens, try changing the date.


The puzzle lovers would surely love Boludle as it is more challenging and exciting. It is hard to guess even a single word, but you need to guess 4 different words simultaneously with this game. So, withing thinking twice, play Boludle and enjoy.

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