Buse d’eau d’éclaboussure d’extension de Robinet fiche technique

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Buse d’eau d’éclaboussure d’extension de Robinet fiche technique: Enhance your kitchen or bathroom experience with the innovative Splash-Proof Faucet Extension Hose. In this article, we’ll delve into the technical details of this handy accessory that promises to make your daily water-related tasks a breeze.


The Splash-Proof Faucet Extension Hose serves as a practical and convenient solution to minimize water splashing and extend the reach of your faucet. Let’s explore the key features and technical specifications that make this accessory stand out.

Buse d’eau d’éclaboussure d’extension de Robinet fiche technique
Buse d’eau d’éclaboussure d’extension de Robinet fiche technique

Material and Durability:

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, the extension hose ensures longevity and reliable performance. Its robust construction makes it resistant to wear and tear, providing a lasting solution for your water needs.

Easy Installation:

One of the notable advantages of the Splash-Proof Faucet Extension Hose is its user-friendly installation process. No need for complicated tools or professional assistance – simply follow the straightforward steps outlined in the user manual to attach the hose to your faucet effortlessly.

Adjustable Length:

Tailor the extension hose to your specific requirements with its adjustable length feature. Whether you’re washing dishes, filling large containers, or watering plants, you can easily modify the hose length to suit the task at hand.

360-Degree Swivel:

The faucet extension hose boasts a 360-degree swivel capability, allowing for flexible movement and maneuverability. This feature adds convenience to your daily routine, ensuring that water reaches exactly where you need it without any hassle.

Splash-Proof Design:

Bid farewell to messy splashes! The Splash-Proof Faucet Extension Hose is engineered with a splash-proof design to minimize water splattering during use. This not only keeps your surroundings dry but also contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable water experience.


Designed to fit most standard faucets, this extension hose is a versatile addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Check the compatibility chart provided to ensure a seamless fit with your existing faucet.


In conclusion, the Splash-Proof Faucet Extension Hose is a practical and user-friendly accessory designed to improve the functionality of your faucet.

With its durable construction, easy installation, adjustable length, 360-degree swivel, and splash-proof design, this extension hose is a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their daily water-related tasks. Upgrade your faucet experience today with this innovative

The ⁣Splashwater Bus Extended Faucet Attachment is the perfect addition to any kitchen sink or bathroom basin. This innovative device attaches to the faucet, allowing you to direct the⁣ water with ultimate precision. The Splashwater Bus is designed to ensure that water‌ and splash are kept to a minimum, making it ideal for avoiding slip-ups or accidents.

The attachment comes with a variety of features that make it‍ a valuable asset to any home. An adjustable flow arm gives you control over the intensity of the flow, allowing for an adjustable shower-like experience. Additionally,⁣ a rotating head lets you angle the water⁤ where you need it most, keeping spills to a minimum while you work. A flexible nozzle provides easy access to hard-to-reach ⁣places, perfect for reaching those difficult spots around the sink.

For added convenience, the Splashwater Bus is fully compatible with standard-sized taps, making it easy to install. The attachment has also​ been designed⁤ with safety in ‌mind, providing⁤ an ergonomic grip that ensures⁢ a secure and comfortable hold. Plus, the device is made from durable ABS plastic, making ​it a long-term solution for your home.

Whether you’re washing​ dishes or taking a shower, the Splashwater Bus Extended Faucet Attachment is ​the perfect choice for keeping water spills to a minimum. With its adjustable flow arm and rotating head, you can direct water and splash exactly ‍where you need it. With its flexible nozzle and ergonomic​ grip, you can reach⁤ hard-to-reach ⁤places and reduce the risk of slips. And with its‍ durable construction, ⁣the ⁣Splashwater ⁣Bus is ⁢designed⁣ to last for years to‌ come.

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