Chauncey Killens Slim (Jan 2022) Know All About It!

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Chauncey Killens Slim

On 8th January 2021-the day was filled with the celebration of a new president being practiced by Congress for many folks. Still, it took a dark turn when President Donald Trump’s followers bust into the Capital, scaling fortifications, devastating windows, and capturing the Senate grounds. One of the many of President Trump’s supporter’s factions from Southern California.

Chauncey’ Slim’ Killens said he began the day early and took part in many parts of the rallies programmed. First, he took part in the foremost rally at The Ellipse, where President Trump appeared later. Then, in a while, he took part in the rally on Capitol Grounds.

Many of the protesters in Washington had said they supported the happenings and said the proceedings by pro-Trump groups were essential to build a declaration and revolutionize election reports.

Chauncey’ slim’ Killens was one of the many who said they did not participate in the violent behavior and devastation. However, some said they would be back to fight for justice and support Donald Trump once more. Killens said he wanted to stay on the go with political affairs and said he would stand as a candidate for Governor of California, and this is exactly what is happening too.

Chauncey Killens Slim
Chauncey Killens Slim

The California recall’ special’ election is to be held on 14th September 2021. There is a trend for recall elections in Californian provinces since 1960, as this is the fifty-four attempts of recalling the Governor in California. They have called up once here every Governor. In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger was successful in replacing Gray Davis as the Governor of the California provinces. Chauncey Killens’ slim’ will stand as a candidate for the regions on 14th September and 45 other candidates. Slim is from the Republican Party. They attempted the sixth attempt on present-day democratic Governor Mr. Gavin Newsom.

Reasons for recalling Gavin Newsom:

  • The governing policy on homelessness and migration has been one of the primary reasons for recalling candidates.
  • The job loss, employment, and lockdown led issues are acting as hefty economic stress on the province’s population.
  • The extra high taxes extended by the governing bodies led to anger and desolation in the community during these troublesome times.
  • French laundry party acted as the ultimate trigger for the public and recall of Newsom.
  • The Governor had to support his actions, but he later apologized for attending the French laundry Party.

Chauncey Killens Slim and other candidates for an election:

Chauncey is an enthusiastic ally of the former president, Mr. Donald Trump. As mentioned above, he had taken part in the Capital hill demonstrations and happenings of 8th January 2021. He had expressed his desire to support Trump, his policies, and staying active in political affairs. Therefore, this recall election, so-called as-special-election-of-California, acted as an apt opportunity for him. In his e-fundraising portal, he had clearly expressed himself and his visions for California. He supports typical family morals and opposes the left-wing ideology and expression.

Let us know what you think about who is going to win the California recall elections?

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