Chris Benoit Crime Scene Photos 2022

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Chris Benoit Crime Scene Photos

You must have heard about Chris Benoit, the famous Canadian wrestler. Are you here to get information about Chris Benoit crime scene photos and related things like what happened there, etc.?

If so, consider that you have found the data successfully because I’ll mention all these details. 

Chris Benoit, employed by WWE who lived in Georgia, murdered his wife, Nancy and their son, Daniel. After murdering them, he committed suicide.

Nancy’s murder

 According to Autopsy reports, Nancy was murdered first. Signs of bounding at her feet and wrists were also found on her body.

Although, the Fayette county District attorney disclosed that there was no hint of struggle.

She died because of asphyxiation. All this was done on the 22nd, but her body was found on the 25th, wrapped in a towel with blood beneath her head. 

Toxicologists found alcohol in her body, but they could not clarify whether alcohol was present before her death or was just a decomposition product. 

As per her medical examiner’s report, there were no symptoms of sedation. 

Daniel’s murder

He was suffocated and murdered in his bedroom. The exact time of his murder is still not known. He had signs of internal injury near the throat region. According to reports, he was sedated using Xanax and was probably unconscious while killed. 

Not only this, Chris Benoit also put Bibles near the body of Nancy and Daniel. 

Suicide of Chris Benoit 

On 24th June, Benoit committed suicide in his weight area using a machine cord to hang himself. 

Nancy’s sister Sandra also reported that the search history of Chris’s computer showed that he was searching for the fastest and easiest way to break a neck. According to the police’s report, his search history was from a different time period. 

How were the bodies found?

On 25th June, wrestlers and senior officials arrived for WWE raw. As the hours passed, concerns about Benoit increased because no one had heard anything from Chris for more than 24 hours.

After this, Guerrero showed officials the texts he and Scott received from Nancy’s and Chris’s mobiles. As time passed, without any contact with Chris, WWE called the police for a welfare check at Benoit’s house. 

This is how the bodies were found. 

This is all about the murders and Chris Benoit crime scene photos. To see more pictures of this incident, you can explore google or other social media platforms. 

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