Roblox Games (2022) Find Private Condos!

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What Is Roblox Games? Roblox Games: Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms today as it is not limited to just one game but have a collection of different games. It mostly has 3D games with compelling storyline characters that keep players engaged for hours.

But there are players in the Philippines, United States, Canada who find some scary and dark content in the Roblox, making them avoid playing it. These games, which show sex, nudity, and vulgarity, are known as Condo games and attract anxious lids.

So, for parents knowing how to deal with Roblox will help to keep their kids away from such games. Roblox is an excellent platform to explore various 3D games, but condo games have spoiled it. So, let’s check more on these condo games and how to remove them.

What are condo games?

Roblox is one of the best and most popular gaming platforms loved by people of all ages, especially kids. There is a long list of 3D games, but some games are not for kids. Yes, there are some sexual, Vulgar games known as “Condo games”. These games stimulate sex, foul language, bad words, hate speech, and many things that are not for kids.

Roblox Devs are working hard to find these game and eliminate it. But some developers are developing such games and making it hard to keep kids away. Even after removing condo games, there are many on the list, so parents need to have control over kids while playing Roblox. Edgy kids are the prey of these games, so it is very important to remove all such games. 

How to find Condo Games in Roblox? Roblox Games Roblox Games

Condo games are not suitable for kids, and everyone must avoid playing them on Roblox. Still, if one needs to find these games, follow the below-given steps:

  • To find condo games, the user needs to log on to Discord.
  • Next, Search for “Roblox Condo” games.
  • It will come up with a list of condo games and links to join them.
  • Click on the link which you wish to play.
  • The URL will redirect the user to Roblox, where they need to click on “Play” for the game. 

Why is Roblox deleting Condo games?

Condo games are not safe for kids as the language, hatred, and sexy characters are present in games. Roblox is mainly for kids, so having such games can interact kids with all these kinds of stuff that is not at all safe.

Parents need to check the games played by the kids to avoid condo games. The main aim of Roblox is for entertainment and fun, but these condo games have ruined it. So, developers are working very hard to find all such condo games and removing them from Roblox.

Players in developing games must avoid developing these types of games as it is not safe for kids. So, avoid using these games and make them a safe environment for kids.


Can players find condo games without Discord?

Players can find Condo games by typing “Condo” or “Send_Cons” in the Roblox search games. It will come up with all condo games still active on the platform.

Why are developers removing Condo games?

Roblox is a platform for kids to develop and play games, but the condo is sexual games that use foul language and vulgarity. It is not safe for kids, and thus parents avoid them playing Roblox. So, it is better to avoid developing or playing such games.


Roblox has millions of players who are interested in playing games and love to develop different games. It is a platform to explore new to the world but Roblox is working as a road blocker.

Sexual, abusive, sexy characters are not suitable for kids, and it does not fulfil the original purpose of Roblox, so devs try hard to eliminate all such games.

The above content on Condo games was just for educational purposes, and we don’t recommend or promote playing Condo games. So, avoid playing such games and find exciting and engaging games on Roblox.

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