Doctors Cortan Oreja A Bebe En Cesarea!

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What’s The News About Cortan Oreja A Bebe En Cesarea?

In the middle of a blackout, doctors from the International Specialty Clinic , in the city of Mexicali, in Mexico, Cortan Oreja A Bebe En Cesarea.

According to international media, the power went out just after they sedated Karla Araceli, 19, who allegedly refused to start the operation under those conditions.

“I don’t want to operate like this, I don’t want to die,” the young woman told the doctors, according to the Reforma newspaper.

The newspaper indicates that just after that plea, which the doctor ignored, they told the baby’s father that everything was under control because they had “an energy substation” and that thanks to this, the operating room would be illuminated.

Cortan Oreja A Bebe En Cesarea
Cortan Oreja A Bebe En Cesarea

The young woman’s family made a video in which the operating room and the doctors can be seen as they light up the operation with their cell phone flashlights.

The baby is stable, but the family fears that he will lose his hearing due to this medical negligence. The family filed a complaint against the clinic.

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