Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Uniben

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Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Uniben: The University of Benin’s (Uniben’s) designation as the best nursing school in all of Nigeria has become increasingly notable, and certainly a major draw for a progressively burgeoning number of talented applicants hoping to secure a place in its aspirational nursing program.

Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Uniben
Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Uniben

A Glimpse Into Uniben’s Nursing Cutoff

If you find yourself among these graduates dreaming of gaining admission into Uniben’s prestigious nursing program, then you must be certain of the cutoff mark developments. Though their cutoff mark has displayed a certain degree of flexibility over the years, it has still held a consistently high standard of excellence. The university archives show that the 2020/2021 cutoff mark was set at 210 and above.

However, the trick lies in the fact that the university’s faculty requires that prospective students present and score just as highly in other related subjects alongside the subjects scoring 210 and above. These consist of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and English Language.

The Crucial Insights You Need to Remember

When you are considering the cutoff mark for the University of Benin’s nursing admissions, these pieces of advice may come in handy:

Know Your Score

Make absolutely sure that you are fully aware of your current score in each relevant subject before you proceed with your application. As previously mentioned, the university also requires prospective students to score heavily in all related subjects alongside their exceptional marks. Any score below 180 in any of the prerequisite subjects will unquestionably jeopardize your admission prospects.

The Post UTME

To secure admission into the school of nursing, you must also pass the university’s Post UTME test with a score which is at least 25% higher than the cutoff mark set.


You also must provide a certificate of completion for the NYSC, which you are eligible for if you are a graduate within the age of 30 and have graduated from a higher education institution no longer than one year ago.

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In conclusion, gaining admission into Uniben’s nursing program is not a straightforward venture, due to the stringent cutoff marks set by the faculty and other requirements. But the eventuality of successfully achieving it is not impossible, so long as you know your current score, make sure you pass the Post UTME with a score that is 25% more than the cutoff mark, and also get your NYSC certificate.

The University of Benin is one of the leading universities in Nigeria, and its Faculty of Health Sciences has a vast range of academic excellence, which includes the Nursing degree. Prospective candidates intending to study Nursing are faced with the challenge of ensuring they meet the cut off mark in order to gain entry. The Cut Off Mark For Nursing in Uniben is usually 170.

This mark is set by the University to ensure that only students who meet the standard of education and academic excellence are admitted. Candidates must excel in their Senior Secondary School Examination results, which must exceed the cut off mark of 170 in order to be accepted into the Nursing programme at Uniben. In addition, other prerequisites such as Nationality, JAMB Score, O’Level results, post UTME performance and Completion of Programme form must also be fulfilled in order to gain entry.

Students who manage to fulfill all the requirements, and achieve the required Cut Off Mark for Nursing in Uniben can enjoy access to quality and world-class education. The faculty offers a wide range of courses and extensive classroom teaching to ensure that the students come out with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the ever-changing demands of the Nigerian Healthcare System. In addition, there are ample opportunities for practical experience and volunteer work, ensuring that the students become well-rounded and knowledgeable practitioners.

For Nursing applicants, the key to success is to strive for excellence and be prepared to overcome any obstacles which may present themselves, while at the same time—ensuring the quality of their academic achievements. The Cut Off Mark for Nursing in Uniben acts as a benchmark of quality, and meeting this requirement is essential for gaining entry.

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