Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Unizik 2023

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Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Unizik 2023: is an internationally recognized university located in Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria. It is renowned for its high academic standards and has a competitive nursing program.

Each year, prospective nursing students come from all over the country to study and prepare to become top-notch nurses. In this article, we’ll be discussing the 2023 nursing cutoff marks at Unizik and exploring the paths for achieving the required cutoff mark.

Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Unizik 2023
Cut Off Mark For Nursing In Unizik 2023

Examining the 2023 Nursing Cutoff Marks at Unizik University

Since nursing is a competitive program, Unizik has strictly enforced a minimum cutoff mark of 60% in order to gain admission into the program. This cutoff mark remains unchanged for the 2021/2023 academic year.

The cutoff mark also applies to all nursing applicants, regardless of their educational background, to ensure a high level of competition. Furthermore, applicants must also meet the minimum subject requirements set by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

When considering the required cutoff mark, it is important to note that there are certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify for the nursing program. The criteria includes the followings:

  • Possess credit passes in five (5) subjects in the UTME Examination including English, Mathematics and Physics or Chemistry.
  • Have five (5) credits in relevant O’ level subjects including English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Have an acceptable score on the Post-UTME Aptitude Test.
  • Be able to answer the prescribed cut-off mark according to the University.

Exploring the Paths for Achieving the Required Cutoff Mark

Students seeking admission into the nursing program must ensure that they meet all the necessary criteria for admission. Therefore, it is imperative for them to prepare adequately for the UTME and Post-UTME Examinations.

Students must also make sure that they study hard and attend all the prescribed classes in order to achieve the required cutoff mark. Furthermore, it is advised that students focus on their weaknesses and put in the extra effort to mastering difficult and complex concepts.

This can be done through rigorous practice and consulting with experts. Additionally, students should also focus on developing important study and academic strategies that can help improve their overall performance.

Finally, it is important to note that the university provides study materials and guidance to help students get better prepared for the exams. Students should take full advantage of such materials and resources.


In conclusion, achieving the nursing cutoff marks at Unizik University for the 2021/2023 academic year is a challenge that requires students to be well prepared and focused. Students must take the necessary steps to ensure that they meet all the criteria for admission and practice diligently.

Additionally, students must make use of the many resources and study materials provided by the university to help them succeed.

The entry mark for the 2023/2024 nursing program of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (popularly known as UNIZIK) has been announced. The University recently released the cut-off mark for the different courses in the institution and nursing has been set at a minimum of 180 out of 400.

The Vice-Chancellor of UNIZIK, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, backed by credibility and long-term experience, confirmed that the cut-off mark was essential to keep the standard of education and the quality of nursing in the University high, while still fixing an entry standard that is attainable.

The Vice-Chancellor also added that applicants who meet the criteria will gain an opportunity to enrol in the nursing programme and study towards acquiring the credentials of a Registered Nurse.

This announcement has further cemented the development of unizik as one of the top notching universities for the nursing profession. The University has been a leader in the teaching and learning of nursing perspectives for a very long period, symbolising the quality and importance of nursing in the country.

This cut-off point, together with the continuous involvement of UNIZIK to lead a triumphant way in nurse education, will navigate nursing practice on a noteworthy journey into the twenty-first century, making it possible for future nurses to make a remarkable contribution to the wellbeing of society.

The Vice-Chancellor concluded by stating that successful applicants, who meet the entry criteria, should use this opportunity to unravel their potentials, learn and make a positive difference in society through the delivery of quality nursing care.

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