How To Disable/Remove/Delete Instagram Account?

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Like Facebook, Instagram is also a Similar Social Media App as we know, that is used by millions of users worldwide. And as we know, we get a wide variety of information that is going on all around the Globe easily, with just clicking and scrolling down the newsfeed easily.

We can easily connect with people and get to know many things that are going on or we can just make some new friends. However, alongside being a blessing, these social media platforms can also prove to be a curse.

Many scammers steal data or can hack your account for their interests. However, sometimes you can also find Instagram to be much more attractive, and engaging due to which we are always opening up the account on your device and scrolling through it or chatting with people all day long.

If you feel that Instagram is becoming a burden for you, then you can choose to disable or permanently delete your account. In this article, I will be discussing only the methods and steps for Deleting your Instagram account permanently. So let’s jump over to the steps for facilitating your needs.

But, keep in mind, that if you prefer to delete your account permanently, and once follow the steps, and complete this action, this cannot be undone. When you temporarily disable your account, no one can find your account on Instagram and you can have a break from it, but when you sign in anytime, you can see everything as it is on your account and use it again.

But if you permanently delete your account, then your photos, data, messages, likes, comments, even the most attractive part of the Platform, about collecting a large number of followers, your followers – be it thousands or how much will all be lost permanently. If you create another account, even you cannot use the same username, that the account had.

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Delete Instagram Account Permanently
  • Log in to your Instagram account ( login) using your Username and Password, just like you do for your Facebook account, for entering in your account. But keep in mind, if you want to delete your account, then you cannot do this from the Instagram app, but you have to open Instagram from your mobile or Computer’s browser.
  • Now visit the Instagram page where you will see the option “ Delete your Account.” But now when you want to delete your account, Instagram, by their privacy policy, will ask the reason for which you want to discontinue your account forever. Some options will be available for you to choose –about the reason for which you want to quit – like you created another account, or something else bothering you or any other reason, etc.
  • Now, after selecting the reason, Instagram will ask for your Password, to verify whether the person who is performing this action is you or not. So enter your password again, and hit the button that will appear below “ Permanently Delete your Account.”
  • As it is assumed after this option is confirmed, your Instagram account will be deleted permanently. You can’t get back any information related to your account again.

But suppose, you don’t feel comfortable deleting your account permanently at present, in that case, you can temporarily disable your account following the steps below.

How To Disable Instagram Account Temporary?

  1. Log in to your Instagram account using your password and Username.
  2. After logging in, look at the right-hand corner of your account, where you will find the person icon, denoting your account. Click on that.
  3. After clicking, you will find your Profile’s name, and beside it, you will find the option – Edit Profile.
  4. After a page opens, scroll down at the bottom, and find the option – Temporarily Disable my Account.
  5. After that, the reason for doing this will be asked, select the reason.
  6. When you select the reason re-enter your password and hit the button of Disabling the account, your account will be disabled.

Disabling your account temporarily is always better than permanently deleting it because you can get your Account back anytime you want, but if you want to permanently delete it because of something that happened to your account, go for it following the steps!

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