Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen (2022) Detailed News!

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Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen: From July 1st, electricity will be cheaper: the EEG levy will no longer apply. What that means for consumers and who should still be reading their electricity meter today.

Frankfurt – The federal government speaks of a “considerable relief”: As of tomorrow, Friday (July 1), the EEG levy – also known as the green electricity levy – will no longer apply. So far, this has been used to promote green electricity.

What was previously paid by consumers is now being absorbed by the federal government’s special “Energy and Climate Fund” (EKF). But does the relief really matter? And do the electricity meters have to be read first?

Originally, the abolition of the EEG surcharge as part of the federal government’s relief packages was only planned for January 2023. In view of the enormously rising energy prices, however, it was decided on April 28 of this year to let the EEG surcharge expire on July 1 – the law came into force on May 28.

High electricity prices: The elimination of the Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen is intended to relieve consumers

After the surcharge for green electricity was reduced from 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) to 3.72 cents per kWh in January, it is now completely eliminated.

Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen
Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen

According to information from the Handelsblatt, this means savings of 154 euros per year for a household with an electricity consumption of 3500 kilowatt hours – in the second half of 2022 these households will save 77 euros.

The “Act to reduce the cost burden of the Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen and to pass on this levy to the end consumer” regulates that the reduction goes directly to the consumer and also that electricity providers are not allowed to increase their prices in the same breath – in view of the However, according to the Handelsblatt, given the sharp rise in energy prices, it is questionable to what extent consumers are actually saving.

In addition, the savings are not immediately noticeable in the account or in the monthly deductions, but can only be seen in the next annual statement.

EEG levy waived: Read the electricity meter today

Consumers who heat with Eeg Umlage Stromzähler Ablesen – i.e. via a heat pump or night storage heater – should become active by June 30th and read their meters.

The reason: Because more heating electricity is consumed in winter than in summer, electricity consumption is distributed unevenly over the year. The provider then estimates the power consumption based on the data from the previous year.

However, since consumption habits can change due to the weather, an approximate estimate according to the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center may be inaccurate.

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