Elon Musk Son Death: Nothing Worse Than Losing A Child!

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About Elon Musk Son Death

Tesla ‘s CEO, the very famous Elon Musk revealed about the Elon Musk Son Death of his newborn and the first child, who was a son in an email in 2018, which recently became viral to the public, due to an incident that a Parent died in a Tesla Accident, being the Parent of a driver.

“ There is nothing worse than losing a child”, Musk revealed in an email that he sent to James Riley in May 2018.

In 2018, James Riley’s son, who was just 18 years old, named Barrett Riley along with his friend lost their lives due to a car crash due to his loss of control of his car, which was of Tesla Model, speeded at 116 miles per hour, trucking a Concrete Wall, happening in Florida.

Elon Musk Son Death

The series of emails came into the limelight by a report from Bloomberg and was presented at a Court Filing in December launched as a Wrongful lawsuit by the Family of Edgar Monserrat, who sat in the front seat, and Barrett Riley’s friend who also died at the spot. This series of messages brought this into light that Musk himself went into so much emotional breakdown when his first newborn son died in his arms. He rarely ever discussed this mishap with the Public.

Elon Musk Son Death

“ My First Born son died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat,” Elon Musk wrote with a huge emotional loss in his heart, beaming now very often. His son, Nevada Alexander Musk died when he was just six weeks old.

Due to the request launched by James Riley, Musk tried to go as far as launching a new Computerised feature so that the parents can control the speed of the Tesla, and also determine how far the Tesla can go.

Based on this event, Tesla developed a new software programming, with new speed-limiting software that enables a driver to set his maximum speed between 50 mph to 90 mph, which can be done through the car’s sponsored smartphone app, locked with a security feature of 4 digit pin. Musk also mentioned that this was done as a feature dedicated towards the memory of Barrett Riley, who faced such an unnatural death.

Two days before the acknowledgment and thanksgiving from James, Musk told him that “ Tesla is doing everything we can to improve safety. My friends, family, and I all drive Teslas, and even if they didn’t I would still do everything I could.”

In the series of emails, Musk delivers the messages of his deepest condolences for the incident that occurred and also mentioned that the Family will be provided with all data related to the crash, and also spoke to the family personally over the phone.

Musk’s son died in 2002, suddenly when Musk along with his wife, Justine Wilson, went to wake up their baby from sleep but found to their utter shock that he was not breathing, this was also stated in the Biography on Musk, written by the Former Reporter of New York Times, Ashlee Vance. The child however struggled throughout 3 days, on life support, but all efforts were in vain.

But, Riley filed a report against Tesla, that his son died not due to the speed, but due to the bursting of the batteries of the Tesla, leading to an uncontrollable fire. However, Riley’s case is set to go for a Trial this year. In his response to this file suit, Tesla denied such allegation but said that the Batteries were defective before, and Barett had his authority to repair his vehicle.

Musk is now the father of 6 children, Nevada Alexander Musk was his first son, after the two years of his married life. His son died after suffering from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It was very unfortunate and sudden.

However, he doesn’t talk about his children a lot, but he spends his free hours with his children. He encourages people to have more babies, makes them worthy human beings, making the world a better place.

He welcomed his sixth baby and introduced his girlfriend Grimes. He shares the custody of his other five children, after being divorced from his ex-wife, Justine Wilson.

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