Elon Talk on Elontalks Com Trending on TikTok!

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About Elontalks Com

PORTAL PURWOKERTO – Elon Talk which is a video taken from elontalks com is trending on TikTok where Elon Musk talks out of the ordinary.

In this Elon Talk video that’s trending on TikTok, the 4th CEO of Tesla sometimes talks in Indonesian.

How do I make a video on Elontalks com on Elon Talks.com? The tutorial for making videos can be seen in this article.

The elontalks com page is a page that is shared to make videos as if Elon Musk speaks according to the wishes of the video maker .

On the page there are several prepared videos of Elon Musk that are from actual interviews.

Through the elontalks com page, netizens can make Elon Musk seem to say what the video maker wants .

How to make a video of Elon Musk speaking the way you want on this elontalks com?

Make sure a few things before making Elon Musk videos on the Elon Talks Indonesia website, including:

Even though it can use Indonesian subtitles, the language used on Elontalks com is better to use English which is Elon Musk ‘s language so that the video that is shown is like the original.

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