Emergencies Act Inquiry Lawyer Collapses (2022) Get Detailed Info!

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Emergencies Act Inquiry Lawyer Collapses

Heard about the collapse of a Canadian lawyer? The news is currently trending, and people are surfing for “Emergencies Act Inquiry Lawyer Collapses.” And if you stopped at this article, you’re certainly hunting for the same. Right? Well, you’ve visited the right place, so let’s begin our journey through the whole scene. 

A Canadian lawyer suddenly collapsed while questioning Ontario’s deputy solicitor general. Proceedings for that case were paused because of the medical incident. 

After he collapsed, emergency responders were called to the Library and Archives Canada building in Ottawa. Proceedings stopped, and lawyers and spectators were cleared from that hearing space. 

Who was the lawyer? 

He is Poliquin and a part of the team working for the commission. He is one of the investigators tasked with looking into the circumstances surrounding the government’s decision to declare an emergency for the first time. 

How did Poliquin collapse?

He was opening a plastic water bottle and suddenly became unconscious, falling to his left side and hitting the surface with a loud sound. Even the witness gasped in shock. 

His condition is still unclear. Footage of this incident also went viral on different social media platforms. 

What was this hearing all about?

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, called on the Emergency Act on the 14th of February to remove protests in Ottawa and blockade. 

( The protests were led by angry truck drivers over Covid vaccination requirements. This protest also inspired people of other nations to copycat this thing.) 

Some more things/statements about the case – 

Ian Freeman and Di Tommaso will testify once the testimony resumes. 

Public hearings about the case started on the 13th of October and will continue till the 25th of November have focused on testimony this week. 

Earlier Wednesday, Coutts mayor reported that RCMP appeared to be off-guard by the blockade on the border, even after he had already warned the provincial government about the possibilities of the incident.

Jim Willet, the mayor, spotted a post on Facebook about the plans of the protest two days before the protest. After reading this, he sent a mail to Jason Kenney and the solicitor general of the province warning of the possibilities of the blockade.

He was also assured that the RCMP had been alerted. He also said that he had also warned the authorities that the protest could lead to an international incident. 

Final Words on “emergencies act inquiry lawyer collapses.”

Gabriel, one of the lawyers from the commission, collapsed while questioning Ontario’s deputy solicitor general. There is no information on why he collapsed. I’ll also update you once I get any updates. 

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