Enneagram Test 2024: Crack the Code of Your Personality!

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Enneagram Test: Nowadays, many people are interested to know their personality type. People from all walks of life seem to be on a journey to understand who they are. 

Among the vast number of personality tests available, one of them is highly accurate and widely recognized: the Enneagram personality test. This remarkable assessment has gained immense popularity. 

Enneagram Test
Enneagram Test

But what is it about the enneagram that sets it apart? This test can uncover our personality’s intricacies, revealing our strengths, weaknesses, and many more aspects of our personality.

Curious to know more about it? Read further – 

What is an Enneagram Personality Test? 

The Enneagram test is a tool that helps people understand their personality patterns and motivations. It provides insights into why they think, feel, and behave the way they do. 

The word “enneagram” comes from the Greek words “ennea,” meaning nine, and “grammos,” meaning a figure or model. It refers to the nine interconnected personality types. 

It recognizes people’s different ways of viewing and engaging with the world. It acknowledges that each person has a dominant personality type that influences their thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

According to the Enneagram, individuals fall into one of the nine distinct personality types, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

Gina Gomez says this personality test is far beyond just a test. It helps people see themselves with the compassion and acceptance they always wanted. 

⏩ You don’t need to spend any penny on taking this personality test because many best enneagram test free of cost are available online. 

Do you know? No enneagram tests are 100% accurate. There are some tests that give an accuracy of 85-90%. But some tests even give less accuracy than 80%. 
Fun fact – there are no official enneagram tests. 

What are Enneagram Test types? 

There are nine enneagram test types. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, Each type of enneagram has different fears, desires, and behavior in stressful and secure situations.  

According to Julie Nguyen, these types are defined by a person’s core belief about the world, childhood experience, and inherent essence. 

Now, let’s know the types – 

  1. The Perfectionist

These types of people try to follow the rules and regulations. They focus more on perfectly doing things. “Live the right way” is their motivation for doing things. Although, this intent to do everything perfectly sometimes makes them hard on themselves and others. These people are hard workers who suppress their desires. 

StrengthsDedicatedReliableAlways try to help people EthicalHard workers
FaultsSee things in black and white. Act too hard, especially to themselves. 
Basic fearBeing bad/corrupt is their basic fear. 
Basic desireThey always want to be good. 
  1. The Helper

These people are always ready to help their family and friends in every situation. They even ignore their own needs to help others. Being loved and needed is their motivation to do all things. 

They are ready to do everything to get accepted and often ignore their boundaries to please others. 

Strength GivingInterpersonalCaringValue relationships.FriendlyAlways eager to help.
WeaknessesNeglect their own needs to help others. 
Basic DesireTo be loved. 
Basic featBeing unworthy of love. 
  1. The Achiever

Type 3 people are referred to as “the achievers.” They are success-oriented and do everything to become successful. Their motivation behind doing everything is their need to be successful. They go to great lengths to avoid failure and put too much focus on what people perceive them to be. They don’t want people to see them as incompetent. They strive for recognition. 

Basic desireWant to be valued and accepted by people. 
Basic fearBeing worthless. To Disappoint Others.
WeaknessesThey feel that worth lies in their actions, not in who they are.Overdo things just to get recognition. 
StrengthsAdaptable.Productive. Goal-oriented.Ambitious.Fast-paced. 
  1. The individualist
  • Known for isolating themselves. 

Type 4 enneagram personality type are known as individualists. They are driven by the desire to avoid being ordinary. They want to be unique. They are moody, and this characteristic of theirs sometimes hinders them from doing things. 

They are independent and free-spirited. They often feel that people never understand them. They are afraid to ask deep queries. 

Strength CreativeSensitiveIntrospectivePossess a unique perspective about the world. EmpatheticUnderstanding. Deep thinkers. 
DesireThey want to be meaningful. 
FearTheir biggest fear is to have no identity. 
WeaknessThey always wish to be understood by others every time. They are jealous. Moody. Sometimes sad. 
  1. The Investigators

People having this type of personality are often called scientists or professors. They constantly strive to learn new things and focus on detaching them from others. They prefer to be secretive and introverted. 

These people value privacy, self-reliance, and logic. They love to talk about stuff they know about. 

The following are the qualities that they possess – 

DesireWish to be capable. 
FearAfraid to be useless, incapable, and helpless.
WeaknessesWant to be aloneFace problems in connecting with their emotions.
StrengthsHave great knowledge.CuriousAnalytical. Inquisitive. Reclusive. 
  1. The Loyalist

Loyalists are motivated by fear and need for security. They value friendship and loyalty. They prefer to be prepared for challenges and feel anxious if they feel unprepared to face any situation. They are worst-case scenario thinkers. 

DesireWish to have security and support.
FearAfraid of being without security and support in their life. 
WeaknessesStruggle with self-doubts. 
StrengthsAlways prepared.Committed.Practical. Excel in crises.
  1. The Enthusiast

These people are motivated by the need to be happy. They are fun-loving, positive, and always full of energy. They are always ready to plan adventurous things. 

They don’t want to get bored or feel emotional pain or discomfort. And that’s why they prefer to be busy and have a good time. 

DesireWish to live a happy life. 
FearAfraid of being confined in unwanted situations. Afraid of experiencing emotional pain. 
WeaknessFace problems in setting their boundaries. Sometimes, they push themselves too far. Face difficulties in addressing their emotional pain. Overlook themselves.
StrengthsAdventurousHave a knack for finding happiness and excitement in life. Have the ability to achieve what they want with their talents and focus.  
  1. The Challenger
  • Known to withdraw to protect themselves. 

This personality type is driven by their need to maintain strength and control over others around them. They don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable to anything. They always know what they want and are often called protectors or defenders. They are leaders but always obsessed with controlling others. 

DesireWish to protect themselves and others. Want to get control over everything in their lives. 
FearAfraid of being harmed or controlled by anyone. 
WeaknessesAlways wish to get what they want. Confrontational. 
StrengthsCommandingProtectiveHave a direct approach to everything. Take charge. Never fear confrontation.Fierce.Assertive. 
  1. The Peacemaker

These people value harmony, peace, and comfort. They are motivated by the need to maintain peace. They prefer to go with the flow for peace. To keep this peace, they even do things they don’t want. 

DesireWish to get peace and stability.
FearAfraid of getting disconnected or lost. 
WeaknessesExperience anger outbursts when they keep things for too long to themselves. Complacent.Go too far for the sake of others. 
StrengthsPleasantAccommodating. Have the ability to take in different perspectives.

What are enneagram triads? 

Don Riso and Rus Hudson grouped the nine personality types into three centers. These three centers are known as enneagram triads. The names of these triads are – The Gut/instinctive triad, the heart/feeling triad, and the head/thinking triad. 

Let’s discuss these in detail – 

  1. The Gut Triad
  • Personality type 8, 9, and 1. 

The dominant emotion in this center is anger. Type 8 people express this emotion more forcefully and physically. 

Type 9 handles this emotion by denying it. They suppress their anger because they don’t want to make people uncomfortable. 

And type 1 always tries to control their anger. They think that control makes them disciplined. So instead of acting in anger, they prefer channelizing their anger into something else. 

People of this center try to control things and always listen to their gut feeling while making decisions. They have strong intuition and follow it without thinking much. 

They quickly respond to events. Many individuals even consider mindfulness as a way to be in the present. 

People in this triad prioritize their needs and desire. 

  1. The thinking Triad
  • Personality type 5, 6, and 7. 

People from this center see the world from their logic. The dominant emotion in these people is fear. 

Type 5 people try to manage their fear by disconnecting from the world. This sometimes makes them isolated. They believe in exploring their inner self and think it will help them conquer their anxiety. 

Type 6 people have less control over fear and are vulnerable to anxiety. They seek security through position, relationships, philosophy, and beliefs. 

Type 7 people possess the fear of being emotional. The feeling of loss and discomfort makes them uneasy. And to avoid this, they try to keep themselves busy. 

People of this center are overthinkers and deep thinkers and consider logic to make decisions. Their primary motivation is a desire for security and comfort. And when they don’t get these things, they feel stressed. 

People of this triad have found journal writing to be helpful in balancing their thoughts. 

  1. The feeling triad
  • Personality type 2, 3 and 4

People of this center seek emotional closeness. They desire to be loved and accepted. They deeply connect with their emotions. These people have two attractive traits – empathy and selflessness. They often prioritize the needs of others over theirs. 

The dominant emotion in these people is shame. Type 2 people deal with it by seeking approval from others. Type 3 people control it by denying their feelings of shame. And type 4 people manage this emotion by involving themselves in their imaginations. They use their talents to feel unique. 

What are enneagram personality test wings?

According to Enneagram educator and coach Funlola Fagbohun, enneagram wings refer to the number adjacent to your personality type. 

For instance – the wings for type 2 personality are 1 and 3. 

According to him, wings contribute a lot of energy to our personality type. However, there is debate on how wings influence our type. According to the one-wing theory, one wing dominates the influence on our personality. And as per the two-wing theory, both wings equally affect our nature. 

A recent American Journal of Psychiatry study considers both theories valid. This study says that both wings influence an individual’s personality, but the influence of one is higher than the other. 

Do you know? Dominant wing can change from time to time. 

Do Enneagram wings matter? 

Yes, enneagram wings matter because they are as important as your primary number is. 

According to Fagbohun, Wings greatly influence how your type is shown to the world. They kinda add flavor and complexity to your personality type, which further uniquely shapes your personality. 

Knowing your dominant wing can even help you delve deeper into your personality. 

For example – Type 2 with dominant 1 wing integrates a strong moral compass to an empathetic and highly focused nature. And as a result, these people are committed to helping society. They concentrate on amplifying social issues instead of helping their loved ones only. 

But type 2 with dominant 3 wing emphasizes on qualities of confidence, competency, etc., instead of morality. 

As this example explained, understanding wings can provide valuable insights into your personality. 

So yes, wings matter. 

Can you take an enneagram test with wings? 

Yes, you can easily take a free enneagram test with wings.

  • Just search for “enneagram test with wings” or “free enneagram test with wings” on any search engine.
    • Once you do this, you’ll get several websites offering free enneagram test. 
  • Go to whichever website you want to take the test from. 
  • Click on start test or take the test (whichever option is available). 
  • Answer all the questions honestly, and you’ll get the results after completing them. 

How to interpret Enneagram test results? 

Interpreting your enneagram test results is easy. Following are the steps that you can follow to do that – 

Step 1 – Understand the nine types

The First thing you should do is study all nine personality types. 

Step 2 – Review your results

Take a look at your results and pay attention to your personality type and wings (if given). 

Step 3 – Read that type description

Now, do a thorough study of your personality type. By doing this, you’ll understand what type of personality you have. 

That’s all. 

What are tritype Enneagram test? 

Enneagram tritype personality tests are those tests that tell the three dominant enneagram personality types of an individual. And these three types are referred to as tritype. They influence people’s personalities a lot.

The tritype types comprise three numbers from the enneagram system, like 5-6-7. The first number shows the individual’s core/primary type. The second shows the secondary type, and the last one represents the tertiary type. 

This test aims to help people understand how the combination of these three personality types influences them. 

If you want to know your tritype, you can take the tests that are available online. 

  • Simply search for “enneagram tritype test,” and you’ll get many options. Take whichever test you wish. 
Do you know? The Enneagram tritype concept is not universally accepted. Most experts focus on the individual’s primary type rather than the tritype analysis.  

What is the Riso Hudson enneagram test? 

The Riso-Hudson enneagram test was developed by Don Richard Risoband Riso Hudson. It aims to provide people with insights into their motivations and behavioral patterns. 

It consists of 144 questions designed to help people find their dominant personality type. People are given a scale and asked to rate how much the statement applies to them.

What is enneagram test 6? 

Enneagram type 6 is a part of the head-based triad. They are alert. They prefer to prepare themselves for upcoming situations/events. Their crucial personality traits are – 

  • Organized.
  • Team player.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Well-liked.
  • Precise.
  • Good at finance management. 
  • Dedicated.
  • Responsible.
  • Logical. 
  • Great at keeping secrets. 

Type 6 people can show up in two ways – phobic or counter-phobic. The first are the people who prefer to avoid the source of fear. They are open and expressive about their weaknesses. The latter one has an irrational fear of fear itself. 

When these people are healthy, they are caring and thoughtful team players. They are kind and hone their skills whenever possible. During stressful situations, they can handle everything efficiently. They trust easily. They have the ability to let go of tensions and emphasis what matters. 

When these people are unhealthy, they become paranoid and doubt everything. They become prone to anxiety. They sometimes begin thinking that others are trying to fool them. 

What is the similar minds enneagram test? 

Similar Minds is a website that allows people to take a free enneagram test. Want to take the test from this website? These are the steps – 

  • Search for “similar minds enneagram test.” 
  • Many tests will appear. But you want to take the enneagram test, so click on the “free enneagram personality test” webpage. 
  • Select your gender.
  • Tap on next. 
  • Now, the test page will open. It consists of 60 questions that you have to answer to know your personality type.
    • Read the instructions at the top and then start marking the answers. Be honest while answering. 
  • After attempting all the questions, click the “submit results” option.
  • Wait for a second to get your results. 

What is the eclectic energies enneagram test? 

Eclectic Energies is a website that provides one of the best enneagram test. It offers two tests – 

  • Classical enneagram test.
    • This test contains 14 pages with 9 questions on each. You’ll start getting fewer questions on each page once you answer enough questions that tell your personality. 
  • Enneagram test with instinctual variant results.
    • It consists of 52 questions that you have to answer to get results with your wing and instinctual variant. 

For attempting tests on this website – 

  • Search for “eclectic energies enneagram test” or “enneagram test eclecticenergies.” 
  • Visit the website. 
  • Select the test you want to take.
  • If you are taking the classical test –  select your answer > tap on the next option below the questions > once you answer all, tap on results. 

If you take the enneagram test with instinctual variant results, answer all the questions and click on the results option. 

  • Now, you’ll get your results with wings and your variant. 

What is the enneagram test sakinorva? 

Sakinorva is another website that provides people with an enneagram test free online. The test on this website is divided into 2 parts – the first part contains 108 questions, and the second part has around 45 questions. 

The steps for taking the test on this website are as follows – 

  • Go through the instructions first.
  • Read the statements and answer them. 
  • After answering the statement in the first part, you just need to click on the “advance to next part” option at the end. 
  • Once you do this, the second part will open. 
  • Mark the answers, and lastly, tap on submit results. 

And there you are..! The results will be displayed on your screen now. 

Can you take a quick enneagram test? 

Yes, if you don’t have the time to answer a lot of questions, you can take a quick Enneagram test. 

  • Search for “quick enneagram test.” 
  • Go to websites like the millennial grind, etc., that ask a limited number of questions and give answers quickly. 
  • Take the test and get the results. 

⏩ A quick enneagram test is short too. So if you want to take short tests, you can take quick tests. 

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