Esilv Joins Campus Cyber Softwr Akashtdr

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Esilv Joins Campus Cyber Softwr Akashtdr, held at La Défence in France, featured an array of technology-related events, welcoming academics, tech professionals, and tech enthusiasts.

This year, ESILV, a French engineering school and research laboratory, was eager to show its support for this unique event by joining in on the fun – and Akashtdr was right there along with them!

Esilv Joins Campus Cyber Softwr Akashtdr
Esilv Joins Campus Cyber Softwr Akashtdr

ESILV Makes a Frenzy at Campus Cyber Frenzy

At this year’s Campus Cyber Frenzy, held in early June, ESILV was proud to be represented by their students and faculty who showcased some really exciting and innovative projects. The ESILV booth featured a series of interactive projects, such as 3D Digital Art and Internet of Things, that showcased the creative use of technology.

These projects were not only engaging, but sparked the interests of many potential ESILV students. Akashtdr was also invited to be a part of the ESILV booth. Akashtdr is a software development startup, born and bred from the ESILV. They revealed a fascinating project that displayed the practical and artistic applications of augmented reality technology.

Akashtdr Joins ESILV in the Fun at CCSF

Akashtdr, having recently completed its initial round of funding from some of the top technology companies in Europe, was thrilled to be a part of the ESILV booth. Aside from presenting project demos, they were also invited to join a panel discussion. The panel discussion revolved around the following topics:

Panel Discussion:

  • What’s New in the World of Augmented Reality?
  • What Challenges and Opportunities Exist in AR?
  • What Are the Benefits of using VR/AR in Education?

Throughout the discussion, the panelists provided detailed insight into the current state of augmented reality technology and how digital technology can be used in education as a tool for learning.


It was great to see ESILV, along with Akashtdr, at the Campus Cyber Frenzy. It was a valuable experience for both parties to share their projects and engage the public in a discussion of the fascinating world of augmented reality technology.

ESILV made a strong impression on the attendees, giving an impressive display of their skills and knowledge in the field of technology.

Paris, 29th of January 2021. Esilv, the large French engineering school, has joined Campus CyberSoft the global student cybersecurity team leader, for a project named Akashtdr. Esilv students will build upon their knowledge of digital engineering and cybersecurity and provide innovative solutions to the challenges presented by a digital world in continuous evolution.

This project will target several objectives:

1. Develop a global leadership program in cybersecurity to foster the development of student skills;

2. Strengthen the existing competencies of Esilv and its partners through a world-class educational training program;

3. Increase the visibility of Esilv and the partner schools in the world of cybersecurity;

4. Build strong cooperative relationships between the teams of Esilv, Campus CyberSoft and its partners;

5. Increase the effectiveness of Esilv’s existing cybersecurity activities.

Campus CyberSoft, founded in France in 2020, is a student initiative dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the digital revolution. It brings together highly competent students from diverse backgrounds and from around the world in a collaborative environment to tackle a series of challenges posed by the increasing complexity of the digital world.

The Akashtdr project will be the first of its kind and put the students of Esilv at the forefront of cutting-edge knowledge in the digital and cybersecurity field. It will offer the opportunity for students to develop their skills and gain an understanding of the challenges that organisations face in today’s digital world.

The Akashtdr project, supported by the Esilv student community as well as by the local and global partners of Campus CyberSoft, will be the first step towards a global transformation of the existing cybersecurity education. The project will continue to grow and promote the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and the development of innovative solutions. This new initiative strengthens Esilv’s strategy of positioning itself as a leading player in the field of cybersecurity.

As part of this initiative, Campus CyberSoft and Esilv are organising a series of national and international events and providing resources to help students refine their skills. They are also engaging with the wider industry to ensure that students remain at the forefront of cybersecurity in today’s turbulent digital environment.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for the Esilv engineering school and Campus CyberSoft’s initiatives in cybersecurity education. We are excited to see the impact Akashtdr will have on the students and to witness Esilv’s continued commitment to the development of a secure digital world.

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