Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen (2022) Complete Update!

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Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen

The Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen by the Council of Experts is anything but positive for the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

According to consistent media reports, among other things, the lack of data collection and non-transparent political decisions are criticized. The report is due to be presented this Friday.

In the report Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen, experts sharply criticized the corona policy of the past few years. According to reports from “Welt” and “Bild”, it states that the data collected during the pandemic is completely inadequate.

There is also criticism of the political decisions in the pandemic: These are not transparent, and the effectiveness of many measures has not been proven. The effect of the mask requirement, on the other hand, is rated positively.

Accordingly, the report, which was written by scientists, virologists, but also lawyers and is to be presented on Friday at 12 p.m., comprises 165 pages. Apparently, only a few of them give the government’s actions good marks – and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is also coming under pressure.

Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen
Evaluierungsbericht Corona Maßnahmen

The experts are critical of the collection of data on the pandemic, public communication on the subject, and the restriction of fundamental rights through the Corona rules – but there is also talk of insufficient research work.

“While other countries used options to assess the effect of non-pharmaceutical measures, coordinated accompanying research was largely omitted in Germany during the corona pandemic,” quotes “Die Welt” from the report.

Critically, it goes on to say that there is no research concept on which to base decisions in the pandemic. Even the effectiveness of the vaccination or the facility-related vaccination requirement cannot be evaluated in this way, it is said.

Lockdowns only had a short-term effect

While wearing masks is rated positively in the report, the benefit of the other measures would be unclear. The lockdowns only had a short-term positive effect, reports the “Bild”. The experts also take a critical view of the 2G and 3G rules.

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