FrankSpeech Com Absolute Interference (Cyber Symposium) 2021 Login!

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FrankSpeech Com

We all know about the allegation of former president Donald Trump because of which he was even blocked on some social media platforms. But everything got limelight when the former advisor of the president Mike Lindell introduced a new social media platform named “” Lindell is currently the CEO of MyPillow, which has fame, but he is in the news because of this social website.

An event was even held where more than 1000 people have attended, and many of them have travelled a long distance for it. The event was basically to announce the importance of this social platform which was launched in April 2021. According to Mike, this new social media site has faced cyberattacks even on the launch’s first day. But everything about this social media site is uncertain, and so it is hard to say anything.

What is

FrankSpeech is said to be a social media site where people can share their thoughts freely. One can express their point of view on any topic through this app. FrankSpeech has its set of rules like one cannot say the name of any god or give bad words. Currently, the site is required to enter the mobile number to get access and restrict spam.

After the US election, Mike shared wrong information regarding the election on Twitter, and as a result, he got banned. He then said in an interview that he would come up with a social media site where no one will be restricted, and as a result, “FrankSpeech” was introduced. Mike held an event to bring light to the app and why people should enroll themselves with it.

FrankSpeech Com
FrankSpeech Com

Why is in the limelight?

Several reasons make this social media site different from other social sites, which are as follows:

  • FrankSpeech is owned by Mike, who was previously working with President Donald Trump. So, it is believed that the former president is also involved in introducing the app as he got banned from Twitter. This news is yet not confirmed, but there are allegations on it.
  • It is said that FrankSpeech allows to share the thoughts and views freely, but currently, the site is working one-way communication. Yes, Mike and some executives are spreading information regarding the fraud in the election and even the Covid-19 vaccine through this platform.
  • According to Mike, the site received a cyber-attack from millions of users on the first day itself, and so they are asking for user authentication. It is hard to believe, but there is no detailed information on this topic.


It is said that will surpass all other social media sites as it is one such platform where no one will stop people from sharing their points of view. According to Mike, this platform would serve the voice of ordinary people, and thus they will have the right to speak on official topics. Currently, there is no mobile app for FrankSpeech, but it is believed that it will soon be released for both Android and iOS.

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  1. Good work, You give us hope, please leave the figures up on the screen longer so we can write them down.
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