Gehraiyaan Review (Movie & Trailer) Release Date News!

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People eagerly wait for 11th Feb 2022 to watch the movie that shows relationships, betrayal, and much more. Yes, we are talking about the most awaiting movie of the year, “Gehraiyaan.” The movie revolves around two couples and how everything changes when they meet each other. The story gives complete justice to the movie’s title; whereas we go deep in the relationship, it is hard to come out, and we are trapped inside.

The love-lust, relationship, lie, betrayal, and past are depicted beautifully, and it hooks up the audience with the movie.

Cast: Deepika Padukone (Alisha), Siddhant Chaturvedi Zain), Ananya Pandey (Tia), Dhairya Karwa (Karan), Rajat Kapoor (Jitesh), and Naseeruddin Shah

What is the story of the movie?

Gehraiyaan Review
Gehraiyaan Review

Alisha is in a six-year relationship with Karan, but it was not like a normal life. Alisha is a yoga instructor, while Karan has left his job to become a writer and is willing to publish his book. N the other side, Tia is a daughter of a rich contractor engaged to Zain, who was working with his father but has started his project. Alisha and Tia were cousins but had lost contact when Alisha and his family moved to Nashik.

Alisha was very small when her mother hung herself, and he blamed her dad for it. She took anxiety pills and found it difficult to breathe in adverse conditions. Alisha, Tia, and Karan were a friend when they were small, so Tia planned to go on a trip with his fiancée, Karan, and Alisha to Alibaug.

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Everything was normal, but something between Zain and Alisha connected, and they both fell in love. On the other side, Alisha was not happy with Karan, so they moved out of their relationship. Zina was a calm and dedicated business who loved Alisha and wanted to break her relationship with Tia. But his company has a good amount of investment with Tia, which made everything complex. The intimate scene between Deepika and Siddhant takes the movie to the next level.

Zain tried to kill Alisha, but by mistake, he was dead. The last 1-hour of the movie was very interesting as it shows how our past and parents’ issue affects our future. Alisha’s mom and Tia’s dad were having an extramarital affair, so they moved to Nashik. It helped Alisha gel with his father and changed their bond for good. It is hard to say what will come next, but the storyline dialogues can connect with you.

Gehraiyaan Review

Actors give full justice to their roles, and the dialogues are smartly written based on the character. There is humor, emotions, love, and lies conveyed thoroughly in the movie. The movie is full of suspense, and it is hard to think about what is coming next to your plate. So, the twist and love keep you invested and make it a worth-watching movie.

Gehraiyaan is a movie based on the current generation where relations and family have a strong impact and how it changes based on our choices. We must be sure to give a chance to our choice and wait for its result instead of living in a toxic relationship. The deeper meaning of the movie and the performance of the characters make it a worth watching movie.

What’s good in the movie: Gehraiyaan is all about the intimate and toxic relationships which can change our lives and make us different people. The performance by Deepika and Siddhant is worth watching and keeps us engaged throughout.

Available on: Amazon Prime from 11th Feb 2022. The movie is of 148 minutes bring different twist and turns. Will be available on Hotstar too after some time.

So, if you are confused about whether to invest time or not, give it a try as the movie is quite interesting to watch. After a long time, there is a movie showing how our past changes the thought process and makes us the person we are today.

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