George Hackenschmidt: Father Of Bench Press & Russian Lion!

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Who Is George Hackenschmidt?

Do you want someone at the front of your desk to motivate you? Do you feel that your motivation can be strengthened by seeing someone from the sports arena? Yes, some great personalities can motivate and fascinate you.

They will motivate you to the extent that they will appear for you just like the ultimate mentor to bring all the energy from the universe to make you stronger and sharper in every way possible.

Imagine the motivation and the driving force that took you to the places of your dreams and make you achieve whatever you want. There is a person from the wrestling world that has made an impact and can be your fandom.

He is none other than George Hackenschmidt, he made a great impact in the world that made the changes in the whole wrestling world. He has a professional career at the Reval in the Governorate of Estonia. Greatly imprinted his mark in London, England and people greatly admire him.

George Hackenschmidt
George Hackenschmidt

He was on with the best strength, energy, and flexibility to be known for and these are some of his parts of skills that made others influenced. His story can be elaborated check this article out to know more about all the related information.

WEIGHT215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)
HEIGHT5’9″ (175cm)
PROFESSIONStrongman, Professional Wrestler
ALIASThe Russian Lion
ERA1900, 1910

His early life and into his life

The boy (George Hackenschmidt) from Dorpat was born on 1st August 1877 and from there onwards he had shown the brightest side of him to influenced youths. The great person is more into physical fitness and works around it.

George Hackenschmidt has been known for many sports that he performed as his passion which included cycling, gymnastics, running, jumping, and weight lifting. The proper man of sports also did school with all the dedication levels. He had been into cycling so much so that he formed groups and also named some of the prizes.

George Hackenschmidt cared about his diet during his journey and also inspired many to follow the same for sports and also lead a healthy life. He has accomplished a lot many things created a good number of history and made people proud for his authenticity and contribution to the field. 

What impact does George Hackenschmidt have on society?

The impact has been on society immensely and mainly towards the youth. The level of dedication George Hackenschmidt has put into his works still his name shines the brightest. His hard work and name can be the main source of motivation to the sports community and the growing up societies.

You will see many people showing interest and coming out to learn wrestling only because they have heard and listened to stories of this wrestler. There are people with different levels of attachment towards his nature and attitude towards his life. George Hackenschmidt has seen failures but the comeback and success rate take the toll and give all the answers.

The time of fortune and the inspiration he left behind for all the sportspeople around the globe is very impressive and celebrated by every individual who has known him.


George Hackenschmidt has been known as the Russian lion. He was known for many prizes to his name and many beat he had done on the battleground. People who go into the field of wrestling keep him as the motivation and power.

The journey and the position he had set is still a big dare to break at an easy go and for that, it needs a lot of dedication and never giving up attitude. He has spent most of his life in sports that is why the journey is mostly within the sports and the field. The sources that have dug deep have informed that he was a very generous person and was caring for all.

The coaching nature for others to teach whatever he has on his plate was commendable without thinking about his loss. That is the reason he could achieve so many prizes from lots many practices inside and offside the fields and ground. The family mand also looked after his family and people love his behavior.

He tried maintaining on both sides to manage and hence worked for the fixed amount of time on sports but with full concentration. That is why people still remember him and give other students lessons on his name. 

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