Hellbound Webtoon Read Online (Korean Ending Explained) Comic!

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What is Hellbound Webtoon?

Are you into the comic? Or are you an anime fan? Here, is a nice option for you to put your hands on, it’s “Hellbound comic”. This is a comic specifically on supernatural horror kind of thing. Hellbound is an interesting story that was originally telecasted on Netflix in a six-part series form. If you are into reading the story, there is this webtoon page-https://www.webtoons.com/en/thriller/hellbound/list?title_no=3598&page=1  

The webtoon page has a total of 5 episodes that might take your list 3 to 4 hours. On the page, it has a good number of ratings and that is 9.32 with almost 112.6 k readers/ visitors. The webtoon version is available for free to read in both desktop and mobile versions. The sad part is that the reading material is only available in the Korean format, lucky are those who can read it. It is kind of an animated short film, which is available to watch on YouTube with the subtitles available in it.

It has an origin in South- Korea and people love to watch it with its unique and unreal storyline. The idea of first starting was initiated by Netflix in April 2020. To be highlighted, this series recorder 43.48 million views in three days of release. This is what can an imaginary character make up.

Hellbound Webtoon Read Online
Hellbound Webtoon Read Online

Characters played & gist of the story

Here, Sang-ho is the main character who visited the world of hellbound. The story outline is made around heaven and hell with two different characters in its play. There is some presence of some monster characters in the comic. 

Why Hellbound Comic is a good choice for anyone?

Without stretching much, this is a good option because the hellbound comic is adopted to make a series on Netflix which is considered to be a huge viral. The original story will make it more interesting to look on the virtual screen and enjoy the characters on screen. Giving a spoiler is an option and you can have fun watching this unique Korean drama. The webtoon page is free for you and you can enjoy it without spending anything, what else matters? 

Who can be a good Audience?

No doubt, comics are enjoyed by all age groups people. But lack of time asks for their sacrifices and sometimes they miss on some things. But again, do you fall under this category? Yes, you might be if you feel bored lying on the bed after 7 hours of college and the comic could make up for it. You can be a reader if you are a parent and always have that habit of making your baby sleep with one story, Hellbound can be one of them. You can be a traveler and you might read that copy in that one solo journey of yours.

Seeing the high ratings and the ample number of reviews you should consider reading the comic once if you struggled to read this article this far. Don’t wait for someone else to make you read start today and make others feel outdated about reading and watching the story.

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