Hero Wars Strongford Quiz 2024, Answers & Reddit!

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The Strongford quiz is a weekly quiz in Hero Wars in which players’ knowledge about the game is tested. It consists of 10 questions and when players answer them correctly, they get points. 

Hero Wars Strongford Quiz

Here’s the criteria for that – 

For each correct answer, you get 10 points. Although the number of points you earn also depends on the difficulty level of the quiz. For in an easy quiz, you can earn 100 points (10 points per question), in a medium difficulty level quiz, you can earn 150 points and in a hard quiz, you can earn 200 points. 

Apart from these points, there are some bonus points that can be earned by answering quickly. 

If you answer a question without half a minute, you get 10 bonus points. Answering within a minute makes you eligible to get 5 bonus points. And if you answer within 3 minutes, you get 2 bonus points. 

What type of questions are asked in the strongford quiz? 

There is no proper area of the game from which l questions are asked in this quiz. The questions are selected on a random basis.

So if you want to take part in this quiz, just gather the knowledge about all the in-game stuff like its mechanics, characters, events, etc. 

How can you play the hero wars strongford quiz? 

Playing the quiz is no tough task –

  • Open the Hero Wars app.
  • Hit the events tab. 
  • Scroll until you find the “Strongford quiz” in the event list. 
  • Hit the start quiz option. 
  • After that, you need to choose the difficult level of the quiz. So choose it. 
  • Answer the asked questions. You can use hints to find the correct option.
    • You can also skip if you don’t know the answer. 
  • Once you’re done with answering, just click on the submit button. 

⏩ This knowledge testing quiz is available every Monday and you have the entire week to complete it.  

What are the strongford quiz answers? 

The answers to the Strongford quiz depend on what question they ask you. And as I told you, the questions are selected on a random basis, I can’t tell you the answers without knowing the question. 

But if you want to go through all the previously asked questions, you can visit the wiki page of this event. Here’s the link to it – 


Just tap on it and scroll until you get the questions and answers list. 

Strongford quiz answers Reddit 

There are many Reddit discussions where people discuss strongford quiz answers. Here are the links to some of them – 

And if you want to see other discussions about strongford quizzes, just search for “strongford quiz” on Reddit. 

How can you answer correctly in the strongford quiz? 

Here is a short list of strategies that players can use to improve their scoring on the quiz – 

  • Study the game’s lore and mechanics. It will help you answer questions about the game’s history, characters, and mechanics. 
  • Practice with practice quizzes. 
  • Pay attention to the clues. The questions in the quiz contain clues about the answer. So focus on them. 
  • Use the elimination method.
  • Don’t be afraid to mark the wrong answer because you get 1 point for an incorrect answer too. 
  • Go through the previously asked questions and answers. 

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