Hombre Muere Atrapado En Una Máquina Industrial

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Hombre Muere Atrapado En Una Máquina Industrial

Hombre Muere Atrapado En Una Máquina Industrial: A worker has died in the early hours of this Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela in an occupational accident that took place in the Brandia Trash Bin when he was trapped a few minutes before 5:00 am in an industrial machine.

The emergency health services alerted 112 Galicia of what had happened, after which the intervention of the Santiago Fire Brigade and the National and Local Police was requested. In addition, the notice was passed on to the Santiago Civil Protection Volunteer Group.

As indicated to 112 Galicia, the members of the Santiago Fire Prevention, Extinction and Rescue Service ruled out using the release material to free the man, as it was accessible.

061 sent a medicalized ambulance to the scene whose health personnel performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers on the man, CBR, 45, who died at the point, health sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

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