How To Add A Hyperlink In Google Docs In 3 Easy Steps

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Have you ever wanted to add a link to a website or document in your Google Docs document, but couldn’t figure out how? In this article, we will show you an easy 3-step process for adding hyperlinks to Google Docs with ease. Read on to find out more!

Introduction to Google Docs

How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Docs This can be useful for creating links to other websites or to specific parts of your document.

To add a hyperlink in Google Docs, first select the text or image that you want to link. Then click the Insert menu and choose Link. A dialog box will appear. In the Link field, type in the URL of the website that you want to link to. You can also add a tooltip, which is the text that appears when you hover over the linked text or image. To do this, type your tooltip in the Title field. When you’re finished, click OK.

How To Add A Hyperlink In Google Docs

Adding a hyperlink in Google Docs is a very easy process that can be completed in just a few steps. A hyperlink is simply a link from one web page to another, and when you add a hyperlink in Google Docs, all you need to do is select the text or image you want to turn into a link and then click on the Insert link button.

When you click on the Insert link button, a popup window will appear and you will need to enter the URL of the page you want to link to. Once you have entered the URL, simply click on the Ok button and your hyperlink will be added.

If you want to remove a hyperlink, simply select the text or image with the link and then click on the Remove link button.

Adding a hyperlink to your Google Docs is a quick and easy way to share additional information with your readers. By hyperlinking text or an image, you can provide your readers with one-click access to another piece of content, whether it’s on your own website or elsewhere on the internet.

To insert a hyperlink in Google Docs, simply highlight the text or image you want to link and click the “Insert Link” button on the toolbar. Then, enter the URL of the page you want to link to and click “OK.” Your hyperlink will now be live!

Hyperlinks are a great way to add extra information to your Google Docs, but they can also be a bit of a pain to manage. Here are some pros and cons of adding hyperlinks to your document:


-Adding hyperlinks can provide your readers with additional resources and information about the topic you’re discussing in your document.

-Hyperlinks can help break up longer paragraphs of text and make your document more visually appealing.

-If you’re working on a collaborative project, adding hyperlinks can help team members quickly access relevant information.


-Too many hyperlinks in a document can be overwhelming for readers and make it difficult to find the information they’re looking for.

-If not used carefully, hyperlinks can disrupt the flow of reading and make it difficult for readers to follow along.

-If you’re collaborating on a project, it’s important to make sure that everyone understands how the hyperlinks work so that they can use them effectively.

Common Mistakes when Adding Hyperlinks

  1. Not Checking the Link Destination: Before adding a hyperlink, always check where it goes. Make sure the link is going to the correct website or page, and that it’s not broken.
  2. Not Using Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text that appears when you hover over a hyperlink. It’s important to use descriptive anchor text so users know where the link will take them.
  3. Making the Link Too Long or Complicated: Keep your links short and sweet. Long or complicated links are more likely to break, and are less user-friendly.
  4. Not Testing the Link: Before publishing your document, test out all of the links to make sure they work properly. There’s nothing worse than having a broken link in your document!


We hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to easily add a hyperlink in Google Docs. By following the simple steps outlined here, inserting a link into your document can be done quickly and easily, allowing you to get back to whatever it is that you were working on without any hassle. If you’re still having difficulty with adding links or have any other questions related to using Google Docs, please don’t hesitate to reach out for additional support.

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