How to Check Teer Results Online: A Comprehensive Guide

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Teer, a traditional form of archery, has evolved into a popular betting game in the northeastern states of India, particularly in Meghalaya. The game is known for its unique format and draws participants and spectators alike. One of the key aspects of the game is the announcement of results, which are eagerly awaited by enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore how you can check Teer results online.

Teer Results Online

Understanding Teer Results

Teer is played in two rounds, with archers shooting arrows at a target. The number of arrows in each round varies, and the total number of arrows shot becomes the winning number for the day. For example, if 1,245 arrows are shot in total, the winning number is 45.

Checking Teer Results Online

  1. Official Teer Websites: The most reliable way to check Teer results is through official websites. These sites are regularly updated with the latest results and provide accurate information.
  2. Teer Result Apps: Several apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms that provide Teer results in real-time. These apps are convenient and easy to use.
  3. Social Media: Teer results are often posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Following official Teer pages or groups can help you stay updated with the latest results.
  4. News Websites: Some news websites cover Teer results as part of their local news updates. Checking these websites can also provide you with the information you need.
  5. YouTube Channels: There are YouTube channels dedicated to Teer results that livestream the announcements. Subscribing to these channels can allow you to watch the results live.

Tips for Checking Teer Results

  1. Use Official Sources: Always rely on official sources for Teer results to ensure accuracy and avoid misinformation.
  2. Stay Updated: Teer results are usually announced twice a day, so make sure to check the results for both rounds if you’re interested.
  3. Check Multiple Sources: Cross-checking results from multiple sources can help you verify their accuracy.
  4. Be Patient: Sometimes, due to technical issues or delays, results may not be available immediately. Be patient and check again later.


Checking Teer results online has become easier with the availability of various platforms and apps. Whether you prefer using official websites, apps, social media, or other sources, staying updated with the latest results is simple and convenient. Just remember to rely on reliable sources to ensure accurate information.

Teer is a popular archery-based game that originated in Meghalaya, India. ⁣It gained ‌worldwide recognition ⁢for⁣ its unique ‌format⁢ and has become⁢ a ⁢favorite pastime for many. With​ the​ rise of technology, players can now access Teer results online, making it easier and more convenient‍ to follow this exciting game. In ⁢this‌ comprehensive guide, we will walk you through​ the various ways to check⁢ Teer results online.

1. Visit⁣ the official Teer website

First and foremost, the ‍official Teer ​website is the most reliable source to get accurate Teer ⁢results. Simply​ go to‌ and click on the ‌”Result” tab. The results​ are‍ updated every day at ⁣4:00 PM and 5:00 PM for the first and second round, respectively.⁣ You can view the result for the⁤ entire week on this website, making it a convenient option for⁤ those‍ who are regular players.

2. Check out Teer ‌Result Common Number ‍websites

There are various⁢ independent websites ‌that provide Teer results and common numbers. These ⁣websites are updated ⁣regularly and can be accessed through⁣ a simple ⁤Google search. Some of the popular websites include TeerNews, KhanaparaTeer, and Shillong Teer⁢ Counter. These websites not only provide results but also offer ​predictions and analysis to help players make informed decisions.

3.‍ Download the Teer Result apps

In addition to ⁣websites, there‌ are ⁣also ‌several‍ mobile applications available on both Android and iOS devices that provide Teer results. These apps are user-friendly⁣ and have a simple interface, making it easy for⁣ beginners to navigate. Some of the popular Teer result apps include TeerCounter, Shillong ‌Teer Result, ⁢and Teer Counter (Unofficial).

4. Follow Teer result​ pages on social media

Another way to stay updated⁣ with Teer results is by following Teer result pages on ⁤social media. Platforms like ⁣Facebook,⁣ Twitter, and Instagram have pages dedicated​ to providing timely Teer results. Most pages⁤ also ⁢have live streams of the Teer results, which can be‍ beneficial for players ⁢who want to follow the game in real-time.

5. Subscribe to SMS services

If you prefer receiving notifications through ​SMS, then you‌ can‍ subscribe to various Teer result SMS⁢ services. These services provide ⁢daily results and other important announcements related to‌ Teer. You‌ can easily find these services‍ online, and ⁢most⁤ of​ them have a ⁣small subscription fee.

In conclusion,​ these are the various ways to check Teer results online.‌ It is essential to note that‍ different ⁣states have different Teer games, and therefore, the results may‌ vary. It is always advisable to check the results from the specific ​state’s official website to avoid any discrepancies. Also, it is crucial to remember that‍ gambling ‍is illegal in some countries, and it is the responsibility of the players ⁢to check their local laws before ⁢participating in any form of⁢ gambling. We hope this guide has been​ helpful in providing a⁣ comprehensive understanding of⁤ how to‍ check Teer results​ online. Happy‍ playing!

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