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Rate this post Archive was an online pornographic website; this website was generated by users’ content in 2012, and the operation of this website ceased.

It permits the user to anonymously share their pictures and videos in the form of nude, erotic, and sexually explicit photos. Archive, a website related to the metal core and post-hardcore song scene, also contained and featured several nude pictures of musicians of these genres.

The type of this website is adult, meaning adults only see the content available on this website. This website is in English, and the owner of this website is Bully Ville and created by Hunter Moore.

Information regarding history and background of Archive Archive website was launched in 2010 by the Hunter, And due to some issues, this website was closed on 19 April 2012. Archive Archive

In November 2011, the revenue of the website was around $13,000, the server fees of this website were $8,000, and the views on this page were more than 30 million.

Hunter reported that he worked 20 hours a day, five days a week, managing the website, and functioning appropriately with him; six other people have in who two peoples verified that those who are on this website are at least 18 years old.

The revenue generated from this website is divided into two parts because Hunter runs this website in partnership with Sam Boyd. Sam also passed their time in moderating and filtering requests.

Hunter said he already took lawful prevention before uploading pictures on the website. At the beginning of this website, they verify the age of those people who share photos on this website.

Hunter sent the IP details of the people who send pictures of underage individuals to the lawyer in Les Vegas, who then handed it over to law enforcement.

Apart from it, one more category is also present on this website: ‘daily hate.’ This category is specially made for those people who post their pictures without their consent.

On April 19, 2012, Hunter sold this website to James Mc Gibney. James was already busy running; it is a site that permits people to share information about people who have been bullied or harassed by someone.

Later, Hunter posted and opened the letter to isanyoneup.con and domains describing his decision.

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Article Archive (2022) Photos, Images, Girl, Backup, Replacement & Kayla

Controversies regarding with Archive Archive website became the most controversial subject. Multiple individuals sued the associates or isanyoneup website subject to display nude pictures on the website.

While most of the photographs on the website you submit and others will be revenge porn, describe ‘obscene mementos from soured relationship.’

In November 2011, Hunter and Sam both appeared to discuss. However, at the same time, they were confronted by two women exposed on the website by an unknown user.

In between these two women, one of the women criticizes Hunter for helping the misleading people who share these photographs, and about it, he replies that nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to take these pictures.

And on 21 August 2012, Bullyville owner James posted an open letter in favor of the Hunter, on the main page of this website domain, by declaring a class action lawsuit and encouraging people to unite.

A fantastic incident about Archive

Floridian rock band a day to remember declined to play at the 2011 Bamboozle ceremony afternoon that the Hunter was also part of this festival.

In August 2011, Hunter was injured due to an attack with a pen by a woman who is featured on the website, but somehow Hunter Hunter managed to survive a shoulder wound that required surgery.

In December 2011, Facebook reportedly created the social networking website and took legal action against isanyoneup.


Who was the owner of the isanyoneup website?

Hunter Moore was the owner of the isanyoneup website.

When did the isanyoneup website is created?

Isanyoneup website was created in 2010 and closed on 19 April 2012.

In which language was this website present?

Isanyoneup website is only present in a single language which is English.

Conclusion Archive website was a pornographic website. On this website, people share their pictures and photos in the form of nude, erotic, etc.

Unfortunately, due to some problems, the isanyoneup website was ceased.

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