Jeopardy Among Us Question (2022) Every Detailed Information!

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About Jeopardy Among Us

Television shows that keep us entertained are pretty fun to watch and are top on the list. Jeopardy is one such quiz game show which is even considered America’s number one show. Merv Griffin introduced the game in 1964, and from then, they have been entertaining viewers.

Jeopardy is known for its reversal gameplay, where answers are given by players who have to guess the question. In all, it’s quite interesting to watch the game.

Among us is one of the famous imposter games, and there is news that it has made even the Jeopardy. So, if you are a fan of both, check out Jeopardy among us and get more information on the same.

Jeopardy Among Us
Jeopardy Among Us

What made Among us in Jeopardy?

The show gives clues to the players, which helps them guess the question. In the recent episode, Jeopardy Among Us, a popular video game came as a clue for players. There are various sections in Jeopardy, and many other videos games have worked as clues, but it is first for Among Us.

People who love to play this imposter game and watch the quiz show were very happy to find it as the clue. The video footage also got viral, which shows a good fan following of Jeopardy Among Us.

When was the episode telecasted?

The Jeopardy Among Us game was used as a clue on 7th April 2022. The exact clue was, “Slang adjective for someone you think is not what they seem, especially if they might be the Impostor in the game ‘Among Us‘.”

The answer to the clue was ‘sus,’ and even players could guess the word. This episode has been rolling online as all Among Us lovers are happy to find their favorite game in the Jeopardy.

Roach was the player to guess the correct word, and it also helped them win a big amount in the game. Not only players but even the developer of Among Us Innersloath was very happy to get the game as a clue in Jeopardy.


What makes Jeopardy Among us so popular?

Jeopardy is one of the best and most popular American game shows with a massive fan following. At the same time, Among Us is one of the best imposter games, so getting the game in Jeopardy made the players and developers happy. The video got viral in no time.

Is Jeopardy available in the form of a game?

Yes, the replica is available even in the game, which can be played in a group. Furthermore, the game is compatible with different platforms, and people enjoy guessing the question from the clue.


Jeopardy is the most-watched game show in America, and getting Among Us as a clue made it into the news. Gamers are very happy to find Among Us in Jeopardy, and it might even increase the game’s popularity.

One can watch the telecast of the 7th April episode to find it, and even the video of the clipping has been rolling on social media. So, don’t miss the chance to get Among Us on Jeopardy.

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