Karely Ruiz Operaciones to haters who criticize her body with cosmetic surgeries!

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Karely Ruiz Operaciones, famous for the Onlyfans platform, once again gave something to talk about, as she responded to the haters who attack her for her Operaciones. Is that why she is successful? We tell you what she said she.

After her success -which rose like foam-, Karely Ruiz has had to face negative comments and accusations for her body and her cosmetic surgeries.

For this reason, the famous has made it clear what she thinks of those who claim that only because of Karely Ruiz Operaciones has she been successful.

With several images in her Instagram stories, Karely expressed that those who criticize her are only because they envy her and would like to, but they cannot have cosmetic surgery.

“Hey, don’t criticize the operated ones, if you wanted to, but you can’t,” wrote the famous OnlyFans.

Karely Ruiz Operaciones
Karely Ruiz Operaciones

How much does Karely Ruiz earn on OnlyFans?

On different occasions, Karely Ruiz has spoken about the amount of money she charges for her content on OnlyFans, especially the personalized videos that her fans may request.

Karely has said that she has some demands when recording a video, since she does not agree to everything that her followers ask of her, that is why the price of the clips is approximately between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos.

As we told you, the model has been able to afford her luxuries thanks to the money she gets from the platform, but she has also supported her parents, since she bought them a house, in addition to paying for the treatment of her sister, who has a disability.

As if that were not enough, with the money he earns he also tries to help others. It must be remembered that a few weeks ago Karely Ruiz paid for the chemotherapy of a 17-year-old boy , this after the boy’s mother left the model a comment where she asked for help to pay for her son’s treatment.

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