Listeria Outbreak Deli Meats (2022) Know The Complete News!

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Listeria Outbreak Deli Meats

Nowadays, people are suffering from a lot of health issues. One after one, health issues have become a non-stop kinda thing. Now, a listeria outbreak has broken out due to deli meats and cheese.

It has affected people in six states. Till now, it has caused one death and one pregnancy loss. Wanna get more information about listeria outbreak deli meats? If yes, just be with me till the finish. Let’s begin –

What is Listeria?

It is a germ mainly spread from contaminated food. The contaminated food leads to an infection known as listeriosis. This infection can further cause severe illness after the bacteria spreads to different body parts. 

What is the cause of the Listeria outbreak? 

The disease control and prevention centre is still inspecting the reason for this outbreak. 

Yet, it has affected a total of 16 individuals from California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts. Out of these, 13 have been hospitalized, and one died. Over half of the infected people were men. 

The number of affected people is much higher than reported because many have recovered without medical care. Some of those aren’t even tested for listeria. 

Who is at high risk from listeria disease?

The list of people at higher risk is –

  • Pregnant women, newborns, 65+ people and people with weak immune systems. 

According to the CDC, these groups of people are at a high risk of severe illness from this bacterial disease. The worst part is that most cases of severe illness have ended up being hospitalized, and some even died. 

Pregnant ladies are ten times more likely to get affected by the disease. The chances of getting affected for Hispanic pregnant ladies are 24% higher than others. 

Note – It can even lead to pregnancy loss, stillbirth or premature birth. 

What are the symptoms of this disease?

High-risk group people who aren’t pregnant can face headaches, stiffness in the neck region, confusion, loss of balance, fever, and muscle pain. 

Pregnant ladies experience some different symptoms. They only encounter fever, fatigue ness, and muscle pain. 

Individuals who are not at high risk will face symptoms similar to food poisoning. They can also recover without medical care. 

According to the health agency, high-risk group individuals should avoid meat or cheese from deli stores. And if they are consuming, they should first reheat the product at steaming-hot levels. 

Eleven individuals have reported that they ate meat or cheese from deli counters. In New York, five individuals purchased sliced meat or cheese from a NetCost Market. Sick people from other states have also reported that they also bought meat or cheese from delis. 

NetCost market has temporarily closed one of its stores in Brooklyn. NetCost has done this after New York health officials said they found listeria in some food samples. These temporarily closed stores will open up after deep cleaning and when they pass the new round of testing. 

CDC said that investigators are still finding out if there is any specific product or delis that are contaminated. 


Listeria is a germ that is reported to be found in deli products, so it is recommended to reheat the items in case anyone purchases them. Although there is no need to worry much about the listeria outbreak, deli meats disease because it can be treated with antibiotics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of getting listeria from deli meat?

Well, the probability is very less. 

What deli meat is most likely to have listeria?

One study showed that sliced turkey and chicken have the highest risk of listeria. 

How common is 2022 listeria?

Till September 2022, only six people have been infected with the disease. 

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