Lula Esta Com Cancer (2022) Get Detailed Information!

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Lula Esta Com Cancer

Lula Esta Com Cancer: Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ended his treatment against cancer of the larynx, diagnosed at the end of October 2022.

Lula was discharged after the last radiotherapy session and will continue to recover at home in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), informed a bulletin released by Hospital Sírio-Libanês.

During the recovery period, the former president will receive speech therapy and physical therapy and, within four to six weeks, he will undergo tests to evaluate the results of the treatment.

A Corinthians fan, Lula is this year’s honoree from the Gaviões da Fiel Samba School, linked to the current Brazilian soccer champion. However, on the recommendation of the medical team, the former president should not participate in the Gaviões parade.

Lula leaves the hospital after almost a week of hospitalization. The former president arrived at the hospital last Saturday (11) complaining of lack of appetite and fatigue caused by radiotherapy, which began in early January.

Tests detected inflammation in the larynx and esophagus due to the treatment. About a month earlier, Lula had already complained of a sore throat, especially when he was eating.

As a result of chemotherapy sessions, Lula had already achieved a 75% decrease in the tumor, which was 3 centimeters when diagnosed.

At this stage of treatment, the former president would go to the hospital, where he would receive the first dose of medication, and then return home. The remainder of the medication was administered at home through a catheter.

The disease led the former president to shave his hair and beard, which were his most striking features. On the occasion, Lula’s adviser released photos of his wife, Marisa Letícia, cutting the former president’s hair.

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