Malware Behind Fake Windows 11 Update Website Softwr Akashtdr

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Malware Behind Fake Windows 11 Update Website Softwr Akashtdr: Xbox users are eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 Update, which will offer several new features.
While this is an exciting development, it is important to take a few precautionary steps before downloading the update. Avoiding malware, keeping personal information secure, and having basic knowledge of the update are all key to a successful overall experience.
Malware Behind Fake Windows 11 Update Website Softwr Akashtdr
Malware Behind Fake Windows 11 Update Website Softwr Akashtdr

Windows 11 Update: Don’t Jump the Gun

The smartest approach when anticipating the Windows 11 update is not to jump the gun. Reports of a supposed release date of 2021 circulate, but the update has not been officially announced.
Therefore, it is important to consult with legitimate sources before taking any action and downloading the new update. The best way to avoid malware is to only obtain the update from a verified, secure source.
Because hackers are attracted to new targets, the likelihood of an attack is higher if the update is downloaded from an illicit website. Another way to stay safe is to configure the security settings of your device to block unauthorized content, downloads, or unexpected requests.
The only way to validate that you are accessing the official update is by visiting the Microsoft website. It is important to remember that the update will be completely free for all Xbox users, so do not fall for any schemes that offer the update for a fee.

A Word of Caution about the Newest Update

While the Windows 11 update offers several benefits, it is important to be aware of the risks it also brings. To get the most out of the upgrade, it is important to be savvy when online. Here are a few tips to stay safe while using the updated Windows 11:
  • Create strong passwords and change them regularly
  • Secure accounts by enabling two-factor authentication
  • Review terms and agreements of any website you use
  • Be mindful of suspicious emails, links, and downloads
It is also important to remember that the administrator of your device has the final say in whether or not the update is installed. Cybersecurity has become increasingly important in recent months, meaning the decision to install such updates should not be taken lightly.


The Windows 11 update is a much anticipated improvement to the Xbox user experience. With the extra features and security updates, this upgrade has potential to enhance gameplay.
That said, users must take precautionary steps to ensure their personal information is safe and that they are only downloading from a secure source. Knowing the basics of the update, staying alert when online, and being mindful of malware schemes helps ensure that your Windows 11 experience is enjoyable and safe.

It seems that more and more websites are popping up online, claiming to offer an online Windows 11 update. Unfortunately, many of these sites are malicious and will actually install malware onto the user’s computer. Recently, a website named ‘Softwr Akashtdr’ has been flagged as malicious due to its suspicious activity involving a phony Windows 11 update.

Softwr Akashtdr stated on its website that it was providing users with a Windows 11 update as a part of its Softwr Akashtdr Security Pack. On the surface, this seemed like a legitimate service, but upon further analysis, it was determined that the download included malicious content. In fact, the download contained a malicious file called ‘AkashTdr.exe’. This file was designed to download and install additional malware, such as Trojans, keyloggers, and remote access tools, onto the user’s computer.

Similarly, Softwr Akashtdr advertised an ‘Optimization Tool’ on its website. The download of this optimization tool also included a malicious file, titled ‘psmt.exe’. This malicious file installed additional malware, such as cryptocurrency miners and malicious scripts, onto the user’s computer.

In addition to malicious downloads, Softwr Akashtdr also attempted to collect personal data from its visitors. The website had a ‘terms and conditions’ agreement that required visitors to provide their name, address, phone number, and even credit card information in order to receive the software. It is likely that this personal information would have been used fraudulently.

Fortunately, online security experts have issued warnings about these suspicious websites and users should always take extra precaution when downloading software online. Legitimate software should always be downloaded from official sources and any software downloads should be thoroughly scanned for malware before being installed. By taking these simple steps, users can help protect their computers from malicious websites like Softwr Akashtdr.

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