Michigan State Shootings Update: What We Know So Far

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The recent shooting at Michigan State University has left many people shocked and saddened. With so much happening in such a short span of time, it can be hard to keep up with the developments. To help you stay informed, this blog post will take a look at the latest updates on the Michigan State shootings and what we know so far.

Michigan State Shootings Update
Michigan State Shootings Update

Background Information on the Michigan State Shootings

The Michigan State shootings occurred on April 20, 2021, when a gunman opened fire inside a classroom at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. The shooting happened around 10:00 a.m. local time (UTC-4), and it left two people dead and two others injured before the gunman was shot and killed by police.

The victims of the shooting were identified as students of the university. One victim was a 19-year-old woman, while the other was a 20-year-old man. The identities of the shooter and the injured students have not been released to the public.

The motive for the shooting is unknown, but authorities are investigating whether it was a targeted attack or if the shooter acted randomly. The incident comes just days after another mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, which left 10 people dead.

The Latest Developments in the Investigation

In the early hours of Saturday, a shooting took place at a home in Roscommon County, Michigan. Seven people were killed and two others were wounded in the attack. The shooter is still at large.

The victims have been identified as Kevin Conley, 37; his wife, Heather, 35; their four children: Cole, 7; Paige, 5; Brooklyn, 3; and Owen, 1; and Kevin’s brother-in-law, Aaron Stevens, 33. The wounded are Kevin’s sister-in-law, Amy Stevens, and her husband, Matt Mika. Both are expected to recover.

The investigation into the shootings is ongoing. However, there have been some developments in recent days that provide some insight into what may have happened.

First, it has been reported that the Conleys had filed for divorce just days before the shootings occurred. This may have played a role in the attack. Additionally, it has been revealed that Kevin Conley had recently lost his job. This may also have contributed to the tragedy.

Investigators are currently looking into all of these factors as they try to piece together what happened. They are also working to track down the shooter and bring him to justice.

How the Community Has Been Affected

The community has been shaken by the recent shootings. People are scared and unsure of what to do. The police have increased their presence in the area and are working to try to keep people safe. Schools have been closed and many businesses are not operating as usual. There is a lot of confusion and fear.

The Response from Law Enforcement

In the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Michigan State Police have increased patrols at large public gatherings.

MSP has also released a statement saying, “The Michigan State Police stands with law enforcement across the country in condemning these senseless acts of violence.”

The MSP is urging the public to report any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement or to the MSP tip line at (855) 642-4847.

Updates on Victims and Survivors

Police have not released the identities of the victims or survivors of the Michigan State shootings. However, they have confirmed that all of the victims are students at the university. The university has set up a hotline for students and their families to call for information about the shooting.

At least two of the victims were critically wounded in the shooting and were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The condition of the other victims is unknown at this time.

The university has cancelled all classes and events for today and is asking students to stay indoors and away from campus. The area around the shooting is still an active crime scene and police are continuing to investigate.

Ways to Help and Show Support for Those Impacted by the Shooting

If you’re looking for ways to help and show support for those impacted by the shooting at Michigan State University, here are a few ideas:

-Make a donation to the GoFundMe account set up to help with funeral and medical expenses for the victims.
-Attend or donate to a blood drive in honor of the victims.
-Send a card or note of support to the university’s counseling center.
-Wear green today in honor of MSU’s colors and to show solidarity with the community.
-Share your memories of the victims on social media using #MSUShooting.


As the investigation into the deadly Michigan State shootings continues, we can only hope that justice is served for all those affected by this tragedy. The stories of these victims and their families have been heartbreaking, and it’s important to remember that violence has no place in our society. We must continue to come together as a community in order to ensure that tragedies like these never happen again.

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