Mickyrdle (2022 April) Everything You Need To Know!

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If you are a game lover then you must have heard or played Wordle for sure. Mickyrdle is like a Wordle but the only difference is that the game’s theme is based on the Disney world.

So, if you are a fan of Disney and looking for a game related to Disney then Mickyrdle is the best game for you. Now, we will discuss in detail about Mickyrdle game and how to play it.

Mickyrdle Game

Worldle is a world-famous word game liked by millions of people and is currently owned by the New York Times. In this game players at given a five-letter word and they have to guess the word in six guesses and share their results on the social media platform.

Mickyrdle is also a game like Wordle or you can also say that it is a great alternative to it where the puzzle is based on the theme of Disney.


In the Mickyrdle game, the player will get the five letters word and the word is related to the Disney characters and films, theme parks. Moreover, the word can be based on classic Disney, Marvel, star wars, muppet films, etc. This is the best game for Disney fans.

You will be given six attempts to guess the five lettered words. The difficulty of the game is much more than Wordle as the player will be able to guess the word only if he or she is familiar with the Disney universe.

How to Play Mickyrdle Game?

Mickyrdle is the easiest online game where you need to guess the word in only six attempts. If you succeed in recognizing the word then you will be awarded discounted tickets to theme parks.

The only trick to playing the game is that the more knowledge you have related to the Disney world the more you will guess the word. You can also share your results with your friends and also, invite them to play the Mickyrdle game.

You need not download or install the game you just visit its website and play games online. The game has gained immense popularity due to its simplicity. It is a free game and you can play the game all day.

If you want to play the game just go to its website. You can open a website on any web browser like Chrome, Opera, Safari and many others. You will see a grid and now, start guessing the letter and try to complete the task in fewer attempts.

Rules to Play Mickyrdle

Mickyrdle is not a complicated game and doesn’t require any special skills to win the task. When you place the letter in a box it will indicate some colour. Different colour indicates different aspects.

  • Placing the right letter in a spot indicates the green colour.
  • The orange colour indicates a partial match to word.
  • If you have placed wrong letter which is not required in the letter then the box will turn into a grey colour.

Having immense knowledge related to Disney will help you win the task faster. You can share the results on any social media platform including Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mickyrdle similar to Wordle?

Yes, Mickyrdle is similar to Wordle as it is also a word guessing games where you are given six attempts to guess five lettered word. The only difference is that the word is based on the different elements of the Disney universe.

Can you play Mickyrdle the whole day?

Yes, you can play Mickyrdle the whole day as there is no restriction on time. But you should keep in mind that you have only been given six attempts to guess the word.

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