Mikrorachunek Podatkowy Generator (2022) Know The Detailed Info!

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About Mikrorachunek Podatkowy Generator

An individual tax micro-account enables entrepreneurs and taxpayers to settle PIT, CIT and VAT taxes in a quick and easy way. We write about who can have a tax micro-account and how it can be generated in the instructions below.

What is an individual tax bill?

A tax micro-account is an individual account that is used to pay receivables due to PIT, CIT and VAT . Only payments can be made to this account – any overpayments will be returned by the tax office as before, for example by postal order or bank transfer.

What are the benefits of a tax micro-account?

  • convenience
    • one, unchangeable invoice for tax payments;
    • always available in the generator;
    • limits the possibility of making payments to the wrong account;
    • reduces the need for transfers to various offices;
  • speed
    • instant confirmation of the payment will allow you to get faster, among others certificates of no arrears in taxes
Mikrorachunek Podatkowy Generator
Mikrorachunek Podatkowy Generator

What does the tax micro-account number look like?

The tax micro-account consists of 26 characters . 

LK 1010 0071 222Y XXXX XXXX XXXX

  • LK is a check number,
  • the next 8 digits “1010 0071” are constant for each tax micro-account → it indicates the settlement number at the NBP,
  • the number 222, which is the next part of the number, is constant for each micro-account → indicates the supplementary number at the NBP,
  • Y can be a digit 1 or 2:
  • 1 – if we provide the PESEL number in the micro-account generator,
  • 2 – if we provide NIP in the micro-account generator,
  • the next digits will be the PESEL number or NIP number of the micro-account holder → depending on which number will be entered in the generator,
  • subsequent positions will take up zeros, so that the number is 26 characters long.

Who is the individual micro-account for?

The tax micro-account is intended for taxpayers and payers of PIT, CIT and VAT. It can be generated by:

  • a natural person , even a minor (some persons under the age of 18 settle their accounts on their own),
  • a company and institution that has been assigned a tax identification number (NIP).

What taxes can be paid to the micro-tax account?

We can only pay three types of taxes to the tax micro-account: PIT, CIT and VAT (without the tax card, VAT-14 and import VAT). Other taxes, such as excise duty, must be paid as before, to the tax accounts of the tax offices.

How to deposit money to an individual tax micro-account number?

To deposit funds on the micro-account, it is enough to make a transfer to the previously generated account number . However, it should be remembered that when making this transfer, you must select a special option that allows you to settle accounts with the tax office . It is called, depending on the bank we use, “tax transfer” or “transfer to the office”.

PIT tax can also be paid via the ” Your e-PIT ” platform, where the “pay online” option is available. After selecting it, a list of banks that allow you to pay your tax in this way will appear on the screen.

Tax micro-account generator – generate a number on the gov.pl website

The micro- account generator is a tool used to check your individual tax bill. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so checking the tax micro-account is possible anywhere and at any time. 

To check the number of the tax micro-account, just enter:

  • PESEL number :
    • if we do not run a business;
    • or we are not a registered VAT payer;
  • tax identification number :
    • if we run a business or are a VAT taxpayer;
    • if we are a payer of taxes, social and / or health insurance contributions.

The Ministry of Finance would like to remind you that this is the only way to generate a tax micro-account – you should not do it on any other websites, as it may be an attempt to fraud.

Attention! The micro-tax account number will always be the same – even after changing the name, place of residence or seat of business.

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