Movidle (April 2022) A Best Word Game For Playing!

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Moviesle: Movidle is one more addition to the list of guessing games, but you need to guess the actor based on the movie, People who love Wordle would also love this variation which is quite exciting as movies have many actors and guessing the right one needs to twist the brain.

The game Movidle is quite different, and it will be really exciting to guess the actor based on hints and your knowledge. So, at least for one, the game is a must on your list.

What is Movidle all about?

Movidle is a puzzle game where players have to guess the name of the hidden actor. Yes, you heard it right, so all the movie enthusiasts will surely love this game.

There are certain hints like the name of title and age, which would help guess the correct answer. It is also a daily game where a new puzzle is uploaded daily, and one has only 8 attempts to clear it.


The game was developed by Lazlo Kiss who is a developer from Hungary. He developed the game for fun as he is bin fan of movies. But in no time, everything got changed, and it got the attention of gamers all over the world.

The game keeps players engaged and makes them wait to get a new game daily. Players who are not able to get any guesses can refer different sites to get hint.

How to play Movidle game?

People who are true movies lovers and have a good idea of actors will find this variation quite fun to play. So, to play the game check out below given steps:

  • Visit the official website to play the game.
  • There are some movies along with the genre and the year it was released. You have to guess the name of the actor who was part of any of these movies.
  • Players have only 8 attempts to guess the hidden actor to solve the puzzle.
  • Every movie has many actors, so it becomes difficult to know the name. So, to make it easy, even if you guess any of the actors who are not the right answer, the movie’s title is still revealed. 
  • Age is then used as 2nd hint. If the age of the actor matches, it would have a green background, for yellow means the actor is 10 years younger. The red background indicates that the actor is 10 years older than the guessed actor.
  • If you can guess the hidden actor, it means you win, and it can be shared further with friends and family.
  • Players who cannot guess the answer have to wait to get a new puzzle every day. But, in all, it is quite fun to play.


  1. What is buy me a Coffee in Movidle?

People who are impressed by the developer of the game and willing to show appreciation or gratitude have an option to buy coffee for him in revert. 1 coffee costs 5euros, and one who shows support, will also get recognition on Twitter.

  1. Is it fun to play the game?

Yes, the game is quite fun to play as people love movies and getting the name from the hint makes it quite exciting. Also, there are no geographic boundations, so everyone can play the game to have fun.


Movidle is a new variation of Wordle where players are required to guess the name of the hidden actor. Various hints help to solve it, but the game is quite challenging. People who love movies and game find it the best combination. So, try out Movidle and have fun in your free time.

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