Msu Press Conference – What You Need To Know

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This past week, Michigan State University held a press conference to discuss some major changes coming to the university. With new policies, regulations and programs being announced, it’s important to stay informed on what was said. Read on as we provide you with a breakdown of the key points discussed at the MSU press conference.

Msu Press Conference
Msu Press Conference


The MSU Press Conference is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM EST today. Here is what you need to know in advance:

  1. Who is speaking?

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and Board of Trustees Chair Brian Breslin will be holding the press conference.

  1. What is the purpose of the press conference?

The purpose of the press conference is to address the recent allegations made against MSU in relation to the Nassar scandal.

  1. What new information can we expect?

We can expect President Simon and Chair Breslin to provide an update on the investigation into MSU’s handling of the Nassar scandal, as well as any new developments in the case.

What was Announced at the MSU Press Conference?

MSU president Mark Hollis announced his retirement today in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

Hollis, who has been president since 2005, said he is retiring effective immediately.

“It is time for change,” Hollis said at a press conference this afternoon. “And that starts with me.”

Hollis’s announcement comes just one day after the release of a scathing report by the Michigan Attorney General’s office detailing how MSU officials mishandled sexual assault complaints against Nassar for years.

Nassar, a former MSU sports doctor, is currently serving jail time for sexually abusing hundreds of girls and women.

Hollis’s retirement is the latest development in the ongoing scandal at MSU.

What do these Announcements Mean for Students and Faculty?

President Clifton Wharton Jr. and Provost Teresa Woodruff announced several changes to Michigan State University’s policies and procedures in response to the ongoing Nassar scandal.

The university will be hiring an outside law firm to conduct an independent investigation of the university’s handling of the Nassar scandal. In addition, the university will be establishing a new Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX Education to investigate sexual misconduct allegations.

These changes come as a result of intense scrutiny of the university’s handling of the Nassar scandal, which has led to multiple lawsuits and investigations. These announcements are a step in the right direction for MSU, but it remains to be seen how effective these measures will be in preventing future incidents of sexual misconduct on campus.

How will this Impact the University and its Programs?

The MSU Press Conference is a significant event for the university and its programs. Here are some key points to consider:

-The conference provides an opportunity for the university to show transparency and take responsibility for its role in the Nassar scandal.

-The conference also allows for the University to share information about the steps it is taking to prevent future abuse, as well as how it will support victims.

-This event will have a ripple effect throughout the university, impacting not just the Nassar scandal but also other areas of campus life.

What Questions were Asked by the Press?

The press conference was held in response to the recent allegations of sexual assault against members of the MSU football team. The questions asked by the press were focused on the details of the allegations and the university’s response.

MSU President Lou Anna Simon addressed the media first, followed by Athletic Director Mark Hollis. Simon began by reading a prepared statement, which can be found in full here. In it, she expressed her “shock and disappointment” at the allegations, and pledged that the university would cooperate fully with the investigation.

Hollis fielded most of the questions from the press, many of which related to whether or not he was aware of any previous complaints against members of the football team. He stated that he was only made aware of the most recent incident when it was reported to police, and that there is no tolerance for sexual assault at MSU.

Other questions related to what steps MSU is taking to ensure that these incidents do not happen again, and what support is being offered to the victims. Hollis said that all students have access to support services, and that additional training and education programs are being developed in light of these events.

What are Some of the Big Takeaways from the Conference?

The annual MSU Press Conference was held yesterday, and there were some big takeaways from the event. Here are some of the highlights:

-MSU will be increasing its investment in research and development by $100 million over the next five years.

-The university will be launching a new Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

-MSU will be expanding its international reach with new partnerships in China and India.

-The university will be increasing its financial aid offerings for students from low-income families.

These are just some of the big takeaways from the conference. For more detailed information, be sure to check out the full video of the event.


The MSU press conference has provided us with a great insight into the university’s plans for the coming year. We have learned about their efforts to combat COVID-19, their commitment to student support and success, and their dedication towards making sure that all students are able to pursue an education in a safe environment. It is clear from this press conference that MSU is doing everything it can to ensure continued excellence in its programs and services while providing students with an unrivaled college experience.

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