Mulher Com Mendigo: Where is the woman who cheated on her husband with a homeless person?

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Mulher Com Mendigo: The case that stopped the internet this week: The woman who was caught by her ex-husband during sex with a homeless man.

The case took place in the municipality of Planaltina, Federal District, on February 9 and has been stirring social media since then. Many people are curious to know what actually happened.

The scenes were recorded by a security camera in the region. The then husband did not believe what he was seeing, and thought it was a case of rape by the homeless man in front of his wife.

Mulher Com Mendigo
Mulher Com Mendigo

Where is the woman who had sex with the homeless man in the car?

The couple’s lawyer told UOL that the 33-year-old woman is hospitalized in a private hospital, receiving medical care.

Also according to the lawyer, the husband, who is a personal trainer, is not in prison. Both deleted social media.

An audio was released in which the woman claims that the relationship was consented and that at first, the man who did not have his identity revealed would have asked for donations and to be cured. “It made me want to give him a hug,” she said.

Soon after, the beggar would have asked to caress her feet. “I felt such a good thing,” she revealed.

There, in the middle of the street, the woman and the homeless man continued to caress, until the kiss came. In front of his mother-in-law, a fact that left the personal’s mother incredulous. “It’s my purpose, let me receive my purpose,” the woman told her mother-in-law.

After the kiss, the woman got in the car with her lover and they went to a reserved place. ” “I went looking for a dark and empty place by the bus station for us to be together. I felt the need to let him in my car”, revealed the woman in the recording.

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