Mumbai vs Haryana Kabaddi Dream11: Tips and Predictions

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Are you a die-hard kabaddi‍ fan looking ⁢to amp up your game?⁣ Look no⁣ further than⁣ this article to get the⁣ scoop on the‍ Mumbai vs Haryana ‍kabaddi dream11 prediction. We’ll‍ break down the ⁣key factors, players to ‍watch ‍out for, and tips for creating a ⁣winning ⁣dream11‍ team. So⁣ buckle up and​ get ready to⁣ dominate the fantasy⁤ kabaddi world! ‌The ‍highly anticipated Mumbai vs⁣ Haryana⁤ Kabaddi Dream11 prediction is here! Kabaddi ‍fans all over⁣ the country are eagerly awaiting this clash between two of the top teams in‌ the Pro Kabaddi League. With both teams ‍having a⁣ strong⁤ lineup and a fierce determination​ to ⁣win, this match⁤ is sure ⁤to be a nail-biting one.

Let’s take⁢ a look at some of ‍the key players from both teams who could make a big impact in the game. In the Mumbai ‌camp, we have star players⁤ like Surender Singh and Abhishek Singh, who have consistently delivered strong performances in the past. On the other hand, Haryana boasts of players like Vikash Kandola, ‍Naveen, and Ravi⁤ Kumar, who have proved ⁤to be⁣ game-changers on ‌multiple occasions. With⁢ such talented players on both sides, it’s safe to‌ say that we are in for an ⁢exciting showdown. So ⁣if you’re planning to make a⁢ Dream11 team for⁢ this match, here ⁣are ‌a few​ players you might‌ want ⁢to consider⁣ adding to your lineup:

– Surender Singh ⁣(Mumbai)
– Abhishek Singh (Mumbai)
-‍ Vikash⁢ Kandola (Haryana)
– Naveen (Haryana)
-⁣ Ravi⁣ Kumar (Haryana)

Both teams have a good⁤ mix of‌ experience⁢ and up-and-coming players, so it really⁢ could ‍go ⁣either way. It will be crucial for both ‍teams ​to ‌start off⁢ strong and maintain their momentum throughout the 40-minute game. ‍So gear ​up, kabaddi fans, and get ready for an‌ epic battle⁢ between Mumbai and Haryana. May the best team ‍win!

So there you have it, folks! We have gone through some valuable⁢ tips and predictions‌ for the highly anticipated ⁤Mumbai vs Haryana​ Kabaddi ‍Dream11 match. ‍Whether you’re a⁢ die-hard kabaddi fan or just someone looking to make some smart picks for⁢ your fantasy team, ​we hope this article has‌ provided you‌ with some useful insights. Make sure to⁤ keep these tips in mind‍ while creating⁣ your Dream11 team. And don’t forget to cheer on your favorite team as they battle it out on the⁣ kabaddi mat. Let’s see​ who emerges victorious in⁤ this thrilling match-up! Until next time, stay tuned for more ‌exciting kabaddi ‌updates.
Mumbai vs ‍Haryana ‍Kabaddi Dream11: Tips and Predictions

Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially after the introduction of the Pro Kabaddi League. The league, which started in 2014, has witnessed a tremendous response from fans and has also given a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. Two of the most successful teams in the league are U Mumba and Haryana Steelers, both of whom have a passionate fan base and a strong track record. As the two teams clash in the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League match, let us analyze their form and make some predictions for the Dream11 team.

U Mumba, owned by Ronnie Screwvala and coached by Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan, emerged as champions in the second season of the Pro Kabaddi League, and since then, they have been one of the top teams in the league. Led by Fazel Atrachali, who is renowned for his strong defense, U Mumba has a well-balanced team with experienced players like Sandeep Narwal and Arjun Deshwal. In the current season, U Mumba has had a mixed start, winning three games and losing three. However, they have shown great resilience, bouncing back from defeats and even securing a dominant win against Patna Pirates.

On the other hand, Haryana Steelers, owned by JSW Sports and coached by Rakesh Kumar, made their debut in the Pro Kabaddi League in 2017. Since then, they have made it to the playoffs twice and have a talented squad led by the young and dynamic raider, Vikash Kandola. The team also boasts of experienced players like Dharmaraj Cheralathan and Vinay, who provide the necessary support and guidance. In the current season, Haryana Steelers have been impressive, winning four out of their six matches and displaying a balanced performance from both their offense and defense.

While both teams have a strong record and are evenly matched, here are a few tips and predictions for the Dream11 team for the upcoming match between U Mumba and Haryana Steelers:

1. Pick Fazel Atrachali as the captain of your Dream11 team. The Iranian defender is a consistent performer and has the ability to earn points through tackles and dashes.

2. Choose Vikash Kandola as the vice-captain of your Dream11 team. The young raider has been in top form this season, scoring bonus points and executing successful raids.

3. Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan could be a smart choice for the coach of your Dream11 team. He has a sound understanding of the game and can make impactful changes to the team’s strategy.

4. Dharmaraj Cheralathan and Sandeep Narwal are good options for the all-rounder category in your Dream11 team. Both players have contributed in both offense and defense for their respective teams this season.

5. Keep an eye on Arjun Deshwal and Vinay as potential sleeper picks for your Dream11 team. These players have the ability to turn the game around with their explosive raiding skills.

In conclusion, the upcoming match between U Mumba and Haryana Steelers promises to be an electrifying clash between two evenly matched teams. While both teams have experienced players in their lineup, it will be the young stars like Vikash Kandola and Arjun Deshwal who can make a difference in the game. As a Kabaddi fan and a Dream11 player, it is crucial to analyze the teams’ form and choose players strategically for your team. So, gear up and get ready to witness a thrilling encounter between two top contenders in the Pro Kabaddi League.

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