National donut day 2024

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National donut day 2024: National Donut Day, celebrated on the first Friday of June each year, is a delightful occasion that honors the delectable pastry known as the donut (or doughnut). This year, National Donut Day falls on June 7, 2024, and promises to be a sweet celebration for donut enthusiasts across the country.

national donut day 2024
national donut day 2024

The origins of National Donut Day can be traced back to the early 20th century when the Salvation Army created the day to honor the “Donut Lassies,” female volunteers who provided donuts to soldiers on the front lines during World War I.

Today, National Donut Day is celebrated with various events and promotions at donut shops and bakeries nationwide.

One of the most exciting aspects of National Donut Day is the opportunity to enjoy free donuts. Many donut shops and bakeries offer free donuts to customers on this day, making it the perfect time to indulge in your favorite sweet treat or try a new flavor.

In addition to free donuts, National Donut Day is also a time to appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into making these delicious pastries. Many bakeries and donut shops host special events, such as donut decorating contests and donut-themed parties, to celebrate the day.

Whether you prefer classic glazed donuts, filled donuts, or trendy gourmet donuts, National Donut Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a tasty treat. So mark your calendars and join in the fun on June 7, 2024, as we celebrate National Donut Day in style!

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