Newprofilepicture Com Reviews – Trusted or Scam?

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Read about, a popular picture and photography app for Android.

Are you on social media? Do you post photos to social media daily? Interested in using selfies as profile pictures on social media to display your beauty?

Looking for a face filter app to remove undesirable watermarks, spots, and wrinkles? Do you prefer a painted image animation? Then discover about, available in the UK and Ireland.

NewProfilePicture –

Newprofilepicture is an AI-powered photo editor. The app is called ‘NewProfilePic: Profile Picture’ on Google Play. Linerock Investments LTD offers the Newprofilepicture app on Google Play. The application is free to download and install and is 22 MB in size.

Newprofilepicture Com

As the Newprofilepicture app gained popularity, consumers searched for it online, landing in is a for sale domain name. Until the domain name is purchased, there is no website with this URL.

App Newprofilepic:

Newprofilepicture was introduced on April 6, 2022, and within weeks had been downloaded by over 100K Android users. It got 4.7/5 ratings from 5,963 users. The app was produced by, an Android and iOS app development business. has its own apps on various shops.

Newprofilepicture exploded on Instagram and Twitter. Thousands of users used the hashtag #Newprofilepicture to share their edited selfies. The Newprofilepicture com Android app is also popular for generating stunning portrait paintings of selfies that can be shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

The Newprofilepicture app is compatible with Android 5.1 and up. The app is legitimate and requires photos, storage, wifi, a camera, and internet. The app is continuously updated with new styles and AI technologies.

The Newprofilepicture allows users to draw their own portraits. The app uses AI to provide users amusing cartoon styles, filters, and art effects. An attractive photo can be made in two steps with the application. Upload photos, choose styles and filters, and enjoy the results.


Newprofilepicture is an app for Android, not a website. created Newprofilepicture and hosts it on its official website. is for sale and currently unmaintained. Don’t import Newprofilepicture from other websites. Visit Google Play Store to get the Newprofilepicture app.

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