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Rate this post Login: Today, people are trading in Forex and cryptocurrency from the comfort of home, so platforms have made it possible. One such platform that has come up with different products also working as a multi-level marketing company is “Novatechfx Com“.

Customers looking for some trading account with low commissions or a fully automated option can rely on Novatechfx Com.

It is a quite popular platform for Forex trading, but before coming to any conclusion, it is important to check whether Novatechfx is safe or not. So, let’s check out more about the company, MLM plans, and other things.

What is Novatechfx Com?

Novatechfx Com is a platform for Forex and cryptocurrency trading. The company has come up with different products that allow easy trading and give an option of multi-level marketing. Login Login

It does not require to visit any office a one can trade from the comfort of their home. People looking to start their own business can consider it an opportunity to create their circle. It means they can start promoting Novatechfx products and get members working under them.

Thus, Novatechfx Com is limited to trading and is also a known name in the MLM business. Many people are already using the Novatechfx platform for trading, so creating the network would earn commissions.

How does Login works?

People who are willing to start trading through Novatechfx or be part of MLM business should follow the below-given steps to create the account:

  • So, to register with Novatechfx, visit
  • Users need to fill in details like name, email, mobile number, address, state, country, and most important, password to register.
  • On successful registration, users will have their email and password, which will help them log in further. A new user will be associated with a random sponsor and thus will work further to create their network.
  • Once you get credentials, visit for Login
  • The site also gives new users an option to register themselves under some associate or sponsor by entering their id. So, if you know someone who is already working, visit to get registered inside them.

What makes Novatechfx different from other trading platforms?

Novatechfx is one of the forex and cryptocurrency platforms which also give an option to start an MLM business:

  • Mobile trading gives the flexibility to carry out all trading functions and monitoring accounts. It makes it easy to manage the account at any time and any place.
  • Affiliate marketing helps customers create their team and earn commission through it. In this condition, the main associate earns commission and form their network to get good earnings.
  • Novatechfx also has an analytical tool where customers can check stock based on graphics and charts. It helps to get a clear understanding of the stock and take effective decisions.
  • The PAMM account by Novatechfx helps people to earn without actually trading. One needs to deposit funds in the Novatechfx master account and leave everything to traders. So, one can earn without actually doing anything.
  • There are no deposit fees to trade with Novatechfx. But some minimum amounts have to be deposited under different packages to start trading.
  • Customers can get 24*7 support except on Sundays and holidays. So, you can call or email them to solve all your queries and get a quick reply.

Is Novatechfx a scam?

There are mixed reviews regarding Novatechfx as some customers profit by trading and creating the network. In comparison, some customers didn’t get their money back and did not have a safe trading platform.

The site has an online presence, but it is hard to say whether Novatechfx is legit based on reviews.

According to customer review, there is no transparency, and some investment packages are fixed along with monthly service fees. So, at the first counter itself, the customer is investing a good amount of money. Moreover, the PAAM accounts where traders are now trading in public, so the processing is unknown to people.

So, one must invest through verification and get some genuine reviews before investing or creating a network on Novatechfx.


Why go for Novatechfx?

Novatechfx is a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform that offers various products. The site says there are low commission rates which means one can earn a good profit.

What is Novatechfx MLM?

People can work as associates and create their network by promoting Novatechfx products. It helps them become independent and start their own business without any investment.


No proofs or reports show Novatechfx is a safe and legit medium. There are both positive and negative reviews of customers, which makes the site suspicious. People must be very sure before investing as there is no option to get the money back once it is deposited. So, think twice before becoming a Novatechfx member or investing money. 

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