O Que Aconteceu Com Clara Castanho (2022) Updated News!

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O Que Aconteceu Com Clara Castanho

Klara Castanho ‘s name became one of the most talked about on the web last Saturday (25th). Due to strong rumors, the actress was pressured to reveal that she was a victim of rape, became pregnant with the aggressor and decided to put the child up for adoption.

The statement came through an open letter , published on Klara’s official profile on her Instagram. In the report, she gives details of what she has lived in recent times.

However, the controversy involving the former child actress began much earlier, when Antonia Fontenelle would have played an “indirect” on the pregnancy.

What did Antonia Fontenelle say about Klara Castanho?

Through her YouTube channel, the presenter revealed that she learned of a story that, until then, was a secret. In the video, she shows an interview by journalist Leo Dias to Danilo Gentili, on the show The Noite .

In the recording, the columnist says he knows about a “gossip” from a Globo actress , but does not mention the name of the artist in question.

Fontenelle, then, spills the beans and says that the actress is only 21 years old and, after getting pregnant, gave the child up for adoption.

“According to the information he has, [the actress] asked the hospital to erase her entry into the hospital and said she didn’t even want to see her son,” he delivered. The young woman would still have paid 50 thousand reais so that the story would not be made public.

O Que Aconteceu Com Clara Castanho
O Que Aconteceu Com Clara Castanho

Klara Castanho speaks

It didn’t take long for Klara Castanho’s name to surface on social media. After that, Klara Castanho published that open letter, reporting the violence she suffered. “I thought I would take this pain and this weight with me alone,” she lamented.


” I was raped. Remembering that episode brings a feeling of death, because something died in me. I wasn’t in my city, I wasn’t close to my family, nor my friends”, he describes.

Because she felt ashamed and guilty, Klara chose not to file a police report against the attacker. “The only things I had the strength to do were take the morning after pill and do some tests,” she says. Only the actress’s family knew about the case.


“I was informed that I was generating a fetus in my uterus . Yes, I was almost at the end of the pregnancy when I found out. It was a shock. My world fell apart. My menstrual cycle was normal, my body too. I hadn’t gained weight or belly”, he says.

Still on the consultations, Klara Castanho describes a situation of medical and obstetric violence, according to what was said by the doctor in charge.


“Everything I did was thinking about protecting the child’s life and future. Every step is documented and in accordance with the law”, he guarantees. “The child deserves to be raised by a loving family, duly qualified for adoption, who have no memories of such a traumatic event.”

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