O Que Aconteceu Com O Luva De Pedreiro?

O Que Aconteceu Com O Luva De Pedreiro: The influencer Iran Ferreira, known as  Luva de Pedreiro, spoke this week  after recording live where he announced that he would stop recording videos.

The matter brought a series of speculations about his relationship with the businessman, Allan Jesus. Many speculate that they are broken. So much so that Mason’s Glove stopped following Allan.

Mason’s Glove bank account

The controversy gained another chapter today, June 22. All because the Léo Dias column  , on the Metrópoles website, revealed the values ​​of the bank account balance of the digital influencer, who is successful for the goals scored in a floodplain field. The values ​​are frightening given the huge success he has on the Internet.

According to the column, the numbers were obtained from the new career managers of Luva de Pedreiro, who declined to be identified at this time. According to them, adding up the two Luva de Pedreiro accounts, there are only R$ 7,500.

The value is considered extremely low given that Luva de Pedreiro has contracts with companies like Amazon, for example. Speculation is that he has closed with the streaming company for R$ 1 million.

The column did not make it clear where all that money went and who it is with. However, it is clear that Luva de Pedreiro has new entrepreneurs who will reveal themselves in due course. One speculation is that it is the company F12.Bet , owned by ex-futsal player Falcão.

O Que Aconteceu Com O Luva De Pedreiro
O Que Aconteceu Com O Luva De Pedreiro

O Que Aconteceu Com O Luva De Pedreiro?

Last Monday, Luva de Pedreiro went live on social media and announced that he would pause the publications. He didn’t say the reasons, but he showed a lot of irritation, even using several profanities. The break lasted less than a day as he returned to posting on Tuesday (22).

“I’m going to stay there for a while… You know? No posting a video. I’m going to cool off, man! They keep bothering the guy”, said Luva de Pedreiro on social media.

What has been speculated is that Luva de Pedreiro would have fought with the businessman, Allan Jesus. This fight, however, was never officially confirmed. However, Luva de Pedreiro deleted the references to the businessman from its profiles, further fueling the controversy.

However, the businessman broke the silence this Tuesday and announced that there would be a novelty about Luva de Pedreiro.

“Wednesday we have a new top, a bomb. Mason’s Glove. We can’t talk yet, but it will be announced on Wednesday. Something very good guys. Thank God, the work doesn’t stop. steam. Let’s go”, informed the businessman.

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