Olivier Piou Will Leave the Management of Gemalto at the End

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Olivier Piou Will Leave the Management of Gemalto at the End: Gemalto has announced their CEO Olivier Piou has stepped down from his leadership role, ending the era of his 11 years at the helm. This is a significant departure for the company, which has been shaped by Piou’s vision and direction since 2009.

olivier piou will leave the management of gemalto at the end
olivier piou will leave the management of gemalto at the end

Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou Bows Out

Gemalto has been led by CEO Olivier Piou since he took over in 2009. During his 11-year tenure, he drove the company to become a global leader in digital security and cryptographic technologies, growing its revenue from €1.4 billion to €3.2 billion.

He led the merger of two legacy companies to create Gemalto, and he actively pursued the company’s growth through both strategic acquisitions and organic growth initiatives.

His work allowed Gemalto to become the world’s largest provider in digital security, and the go-to provider for services like biometric authentication, digital transaction verification and mobile security enforcement.

Meanwhile, Piou also emphasized the importance of sustainable growth, setting and implementing numerous environmental initiatives and launching the company’s Diversity & Inclusion program. Piou’s vision and leadership have been an invaluable asset to the company and the global transformation of digital security.

The End of an Era for Gemalto

Gemalto’s leadership transition marks the beginning of a new era for the company. It has been a long journey, beginning in 2009 when Piou took the reins, and ending in 2020 as he steps down for his successor.

Gemalto hopes to continue its tradition of excellence in digital security and expand its reach in the next decade. In order to achieve its goals, the company must tap into the potential of its current personnel, expand into new markets and strengthen relationships with key partners.

Gemalto has taken on a new leader in Philippe Vallée, previously the Chief Operating Officer. This is the first time an insider has been tasked with continuing the success of previous generations, so the company has an unparalleled amount of potential for the future.


Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou has stepped down after 11 years of leading the company in digital security. His focus on environmental initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion and sustainable growth have been invaluable assets to the organization, as well as his business acumen and strategy to grow the company.

Gemalto is now entering a new era, where Philippe Vallée (the company’s former Chief Operating Officer) will take over. Gemalto hopes to build on their accomplishments and continue to be a leader in digital security.

On November 7th, Gemalto, a Netherlands-based worldwide digital security company, announced that its chief executive Olivier Piou will be leaving the business at the end of January 2020.

Gemalto has appointed Philippe Vallee, a member of the supervisory board, as interim CEO while they search for a new CEO to replace Piou. The company, who is a global leader in digital identity, data protection, and secure data asked Vallee, who has been a board member since 2015, to take on the position of interim CEO. In a statement, Gemalto acknowledged Piou’s service as CEO since 2011 and thanked him for his “instrumental role in the growth of Gemalto and its evolution into a digitally native security services provider.”

During his time leading the company, Piou was credited with significantly contributing to the overall success and growth of Gemalto. One example was his role in the completion of Gemalto’s experience with the Equens Joint Venture in 2016 that had a significant impact on Gemalto’s profits. Moreover, he also had a large impact on the company’s acquisition strategy and strategy for all of Gemalto’s business lines.

The supervisory board have approved a severance package of 1.2 million euros, which includes the pension payments, for Piou as part of his departure. His base salary since 2011 has been over two million euros a year, modern compensation packages and stock options included.

Overall, Piou played a great role in the success of Gemalto and his departure is bound to leave a lasting impact on the company. With Vallee as interim CEO now, Gemalto has already begun its search for the next CEO to lead the worldwide digital security company.

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