Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra (2022) Complete Information!

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Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra: The man from Burgos has beaten his opponent, Rafa, by getting one more hit than him. In this way, the great contestant has once again prevailed in the last test of the Antena 3 contest and in the next program he will fight to win the jackpot of more than one million euros.

Orestes and Rafa reached the end of the rosco very evenly matched, both with 20 hits and one miss . When he had a few seconds left, Orestes took a risk and managed to get one point more than his opponent, a moment he used to pull tactics: he let time run so that Rafa, who still had time to spare, had to face without the pauses from shift change to the final “rush” of the test.

And it went well. Rafa, who was also with 20 hits and one miss, tried to find a tie. He did it with the letter “L”. “Departure of the stars”, read the presenter, Roberto Leal. “Leva”, replied the contestant, who missed the mark: the correct answer was levada, which in its fifth meaning has that meaning. It is, yes, obsolete.

Rafa tried to rush the rest of the options but there was no way. She did not get more hits, so she must sit in the blue chair in the next program. In case of losing her, she will leave the program.

For his part, Orestes will once again compete for the donut, which today had an accumulated jackpot of 1,168,000 euros.

Complaints from the audience of “Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra”

Some followers of “Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra” are jumping.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for some to accuse the program of benefiting or harming one or another contestant.

That is what has happened recently, after a sector of the audience has denounced that they are benefiting one of the contestants:  “This smells bad.”

Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra

It all started after  “Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra” took over Rafa Castaño. The Andalusian was an old acquaintance of Orestes. Both had faced each other in the previous stage of the program on  Telecinco, starring in intense duels.

Although there was a sector of the audience that celebrated the arrival of a “level” opponent for  Orestes , who had not seen things complicated since Jaime’s departure, there was also a certain part of the followers of the Antena 3 program who were suspicious. And it is that they saw that it was a strategy to win the network’s audience that could interfere with the  “fair play” of the program.

Those are the ones who now also accuse  “Pasapalabra” of benefiting and harming some contestants.  In this case, the criticism has focused on Rafa. There are those who believe that from the direction of the program they try to help him to obtain better results than Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra.

“Rafa answers the questions almost before  Roberto begins to say them. It is an inexplicable mystery,” denounced one of the program’s followers, who pointed out that the matter smelled “very bad” to him. The answer was supported by other followers.  There were also messages from other than viewers along the same lines.

Of course, also in the other direction. There are those who see ghosts and who consider that from the direction of the program they benefit Orestes. “They make the questions easier for him,” he says.

Of course, it seems difficult to think that a program like  “Orestes Rosco Pasapalabra”,  the undisputed leader in its time slot, would benefit one or the other viewers. Yes, it is logical to think that the network will try to find attractive and competitive contestants so that viewers continue to give them good audience data.

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